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GameStop Black Friday Ad Leak Shows Zelda 3DS North American Release

  According to, the self-proclaimed one-stop shop for all your Black Friday sales and circular ads, the recently leaked GameStop sales leaflet touts the The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds 3DS XL Bundle as one of their Black Friday deals. If this proves to be true, that means the snazy Zelda-themed 3DS will most certainly be available Stateside, and not just a Japan and Europe exclusive.  The asking price is $219.99, and comes with the beautiful,…


“Pokken Fighters” is Concept of Pokemon Future

At a Japanese event not too long ago, there was a video showing the history of the Pokemon franchise. It was a fairly well made video, but probably wouldn't have have mattered nearly as much if not for a short two or three second clip at the end, which showed an almost fighter-like set-up starring Lucario.


New Releases this week | Sept 16th – 22nd 2013

Finally! GTAV is mere hours away from releasing worldwide. Are you excited? Are you one of the lucky few who got it early? Needless to say, it's my most anticipated game since.. well since GTAIV I suppose. Still though, let's not forget all those other releases this week too. Hot Wheels, PES 2014 and Zelda HD are just some of the games brave enough to release this week.


Pokemon Direct Announcements Round-Up

Iwata-san, Masuda-san and Ishihara-san, the hosts of Nintendo’s second Pokemon Direct broadcast, took some time to shed some light on a couple of new features in Pokemon X and Y.


New Releases this week | Sept 2nd – Sept 8th 2013

Bit of an average week for releases. The featured game this week is none other than Diablo III. Will console gamers welcome it with open arms or will it be largely ignored? Only time will tell. Other releases this week includes Mickey Mouse making a comeback, a couple rhythm games, a farmer's dream game and a return to Helghan.


Nintendo Disable YouTube Comments/Ratings on 2DS Reveal

It's fair to say that the 2DS reveal has garnered mixed reactions. Some love the idea and are especially excited at the potential this has for their children, others see it as ugly and not cheap enough. Nowhere will this have got more out of hand than on YouTube, and that's only evidenced by the fact Nintendo have disabled comments and rating on the 2DS reveal trailer.


Nintendo Announce 2DS

This is the sort of headline I'd feel more comfortable writing if it was April 1st, but there you are. Nintendo have announced a brand new handheld: the 2DS. The 2DS is a 3DS without the 3D support and with a few physical changes (such as being in a single unit, as opposed to two hinged sides).


New Releases this week | Aug 26th – Sep 1st 2013

A great week for releases with something for everyone. The featured game for this week is none other than Final Fantasy XIV Online. Will the MMO impress or will we be choking the Chocobo this time next week in a fit of rage? Only time will tell.


New Releases this week | Aug 12th – Aug 18th 2013

Not a great week for releases but a week which brings much variety and contrast. two Disney games, two horror games, a couple HD remakes and of course Payday 2 are just some of what you will find coming out in the next 7 days.


New Link for A Link Between Worlds

The upcoming 3DS title A Link Between Worlds may be set in the same world as A Link to the Past, but it's not set in the same time period. In today's Nintendo Direct, Iwata revealed that a lot of time has past between A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds, and that the Link we've seen in the videos so far isn't the same link from the 1991 Legend of Zelda SNES classic.