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Super Party Sports: Football

Super Party Sports: Football

Release: December 4, 2015
Publisher: HandyGames
Developer: HandyGames
Genre: Sport, XBox One Reviews
PEGI: E10+


Rent it About Rating
7.0 - Gameplay
6.5 - Video
6.5 - Audio

Originally sported on iOS then released on Android and now ported over to Xbox One, we have a very fun Angry Birds type game with Super Party Sports: Football. The game is quite fun and for the $4.99/£3.99 price tag it makes it an inexpensive way to enjoy a puzzle and sports game like this.


Super Party Sports: Football starts off with the player selecting a country to play through the game and as you go through the levels. You progress by hitting your opponents with the ball as you make your next pass, ensuring you eliminate all players before scoring a goal. Once you hit an opponent, they explode, but, in a non-graphic but more comic/animated way as their heads roll with disappointment. You will need to repeat this several times in order to eliminate all on field opponents before going for your final strike against the goaltender. Each level is part of a series that gets harder as you progress to the final level of the cup. You earn three cup medals for every level you beat within the predetermined goal time.

For the first few levels Super Party Sports: Football was fairly easy and straightforward and once I had the grasp of everything it seemed to pick up casually in difficulty. Each Cup then after introduces different obstacles and power ups. Some various opponents include large, charging, and helmet wearing defense men and even referees. Any opponent that is different than the normal one will need to be hit several times with the ball to defeat. Referees need to be avoided or the player that kicked the ball towards them will be eliminated.


The music is fun for a bit with party style carnival type tracks playing through the levels but after a while the music can get very repetitive and I found it easier to play some other music over top while the television was on mute. The sound of the game is also a bit average with the bump of the ball and sounds of grown men crying as they are hit or if you happen to lose a level you will hear the ever so fun and annoying crying sound bite.

The in game graphics look good having been a game that was ported over to the Xbox One from a mobile platform and contains lots of color to attract the eye. After all, you are playing on a green football field so you would think the color should be and is bright and vibrant for us to enjoy.


Super Party Sports: Football isn’t anything stellar but the game is great to pass the time with, have fun with here and there and try different things. If anything this game is an amazing buy for those achievement hunters out there as it is both fun and a very cost effective way to earn another 1,000 Gamer Score. If you are into Football/Soccer, this game also fills a niche with you as well.

Enjoy Super Sports: Football today by downloading it on Xbox One here.



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