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Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2: Atlas Mugged

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2: Atlas Mugged

Release: March 17, 2015
Publisher: Telltale Games & 2K Games
Developer: Telltale Games & Gearbox Software
Genre: Action, Strategy, XBox One Reviews


Worth a Play About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
7.5 - Audio

The last time we were in Tales from the Borderlands it was episode one of the Telltale episodic adventure and we saw Rhys and Fiona surviving a very dangerous race. They had also suffered a betrayal of epic proportions. In Episode Two, Atlas Mugged, we get the fallout of Episode One and all of the events that our characters went through.


Things definitely have picked up on the planet of Pandora as we had our characters within reach of a large quantity of money and it was quickly taken from them in Episode One. Now the search for the hidden vault is on and it intensifies throughout the two hour long episode as we see our characters in search of the money but also hitting some major snags along the way.

As we progress through Episode Two we are introduced to a familiar face, Scooter, the redneck mechanic from the Borderlands series and he plays a pretty big role in our second episode, Atlas Mugged.


Throughout the episode we have plenty to enjoy with the great dialogue between each and every character as well as the witty remarks and humor that Borderlands is known for. Pandora continues to be a very dark and adult oriented place but at the same time such a contrast with the cell shaded colorful graphics and the vibrant backgrounds and foregrounds.

As good as the episode is, I would have to say one scene out performs all the rest (I can’t spoil it) and for that reason, just like in episode one, episode two deserves a solid seven and a half out of ten but with some of the moments that aren’t up to Telltale’s previous works of art we cannot score it any higher. Don’t get me wrong, Atlas Mugged is very, very great but not up to par with some previous episodes or series as seen in recent years.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2: Atlas Mugged is available now on Xbox One, as well as Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. If you are a fan of any previous Telltale Game, it is highly recommended to pick this title up as well and enjoy the journey through Pandora.



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