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Madden NFL 16

Madden NFL 16

Release: August 25, 2015
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Tiburon
Genre: Sport, XBox One Reviews


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9.0 - Gameplay
8.5 - Video
8.5 - Audio

Madden NFL is one of the most successful franchises released at the end of every summer just before the NFL has it’s opening kickoff of the season. Each and every year it gets us pumped for the upcoming year in the NFL and its players. Madden NFL 16 is no different this year as it comes back more fierce and intense than previous releases. The annual franchise debuted back in 1990 and more than twenty five years later it still gets fans energized and kicks in revenue for EA Sports and the NFL.

Madden NFL 16 this year continues its momentum with the all new mode of fantasy-draft style game play and the upgraded mechanics at important positions on the field. Most importantly though we see the return of all of our favorite modes so nothing of importance has been omitted from Madden NFL 16.


We get right into Madden NFL 16 as we are brought onto the field for Super Bowl 50, where we see the matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This year during the opening game match up, we get incredible close up cut scenes and voice acting by the Quarterback of the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger and the Head Coach Mike Tomlin. As you play through the match up, the Madden system guides you to what you should be doing to win the Super Bowl with the Steelers and once you win and celebrate you are then taken into the main training section of Madden.

Its highly recommend to go through a bit of the training to familiarize yourself with the new mechanics of the game as you are now able to pass the ball high or low and then as your receiver you will attempt to make a catch on that pass from your QB. This new addition open the gates for some pretty amazing catches and plays and it coincides with the cover athlete from the New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr. who made a spectacular catch last season for the touchdown.


Last year’s Madden game had the defensive mechanics getting a lot of attention and this year we see EA Sports updating both sides of the field with offense getting more focus in Madden NFL 16. Along with the spectacular catch improvements the quarterback mechanics were also updated and they now have some new tools to their disposal. The new tools helps a QB and the gamer with passing. In the past you could throw a lob pass and a bullet pass but now we have three additional methods of throwing in case it is needed in a specific moment. Touch pass is a big style of pass in the NFL and the addition here is very solid, especially when throwing across the middle.

Along with all of the mechanic updates to Madden NFL 16 we have all of the dozens of modes to get through. We have the standard features in Madden NFL Season, Madden Ultimate Team, Ultimate Moments, Solo Challenges, Connected Franchise along with the standard play now (Single, Couch Co-Op and Online). Each one of these modes are popular in their own ways but what usually lasts every Madden fan in terms of game play is Madden Ultimate Team. It still plays much like it has over the years but this time EA Sports included Ultimate Moments and Solo Challenges to give you more to work with.


Let’s talk a little about Fantasy Football in Madden NFL 16. Whenever anyone talks about Fantasy Football, they speak about it with such passion, 110% dedication and knowledge. It truly is a phenomenon in North America. We even have a television show in North America called “The League” which is a comedy about six characters devoted to NFL football and all the ins and outs of their fantasy football league. Fantasy Leagues all over are at capacity in free and paid circuits to crown champions based on the players you select for your individual team in a full NFL Season. Now comes NFL Madden’s attempt with the Fantasy mode in Madden 16. EA Sports has done a snake style of draft type in this mode and one or two players can do a 15 round draft. If you go in the draft solo, you will be against a group of CPU players while multiplayer will have you drafting a team and taking them online. As you head down your draft you are faced with tough decisions to pick a star Tight End or Running Back at certain moments and you will always finish the draft with one classic player which is fun to pick. The last pick gives you some really high stats.


EA Sports has taken everything we loved from previous Madden games and continued to provide a high quality football game while including extra modes and content each and every year. The game play feels as smooth as ever and now with the new mechanics with your quarterback and receivers along with the addition of the fantasy mode, Madden 16 will last you a long time and it definitely isn’t just a roster update this year.          



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