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Scribble Review


Release: December 15, 2016
Publisher: Bear Box Media
Developer: Bear Box Media
Genre: Family, Genres, Indie, Other


Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
8.0 - Video
8.0 - Audio

” What is that? ” “Its supposed to be a cat ok! ” If you’ve ever had this converstation about one of your drawings, boy do I have a game for you. Scribble, out now for the Wii U eshop, is a party game where you draw something based on a word you can only see and then your friends have to guess what the picture is! Sound like a good game to you? If so, you should check out my review. I’ll tell you if Scribble is a game worth drawing for.


The concept of Scribble is simple and absolutely perfect for parties. If you have four or more friends, you’ll want to break this game out. You can play two-player games, there are a couple of modes for two, but overall, the game is geared toward a big party of people. The drawing modes are well excuted and a lot of fun.

With Scribble, you use both the TV and the gamepad. The TV is for everyone else in the room. The person with the gamepad draws a picture based on a word only he can see. Depending on the mode, one or more people try to guess what you are drawing. If you are a great artist, then that should be easy. If you are terrible artist, then it’ll be harder to guess. Actually, the game is more fun with terrible artists. You can always make fun of each others drawings! And you can’t blame this game’s controls on how horrible your drawing is.

The touch screen controls in this game work really well. All the menus are very responsive and well layed out. I loved the “brainstorm” menu. The drawing in this game is easy too. I have no complaints at all about the controls in this game. There is off-tv sound too, but you won’t need it. This game is definitly a good two screen (TV/gamepad) experience.

If you have a bunch of friends, Scribble is a must! It is a fun game with two players, but I do wish there were a couple more two player modes. There is a single player mode where you can doodle, though you can’t save any of the doodles unfortunately. I do really like the Word Creator mode and had fun adding some Star Trek words! There are also fun mutators that you can use in the game that’ll make it even harder to guess what is being drawn. Overall, Scribble is a well put together and fun game. Even the graphics and sound are really good in Scribble!


Scribble’s interface is very simple and fits the game well. I really like the brainstorm main menu and how all the menus look like sheets of paper with drawn in graphics. Of course, the main graphics in this game depend on you! If you are a good artist, then the game will look nice. If you are a bad artist, well, it won’t like nice but at least it’ll be fun to look (and make fun of).

As for the game’s music and sound, its actually good. In a game like this, you might expect that the music would get annoying but it never did. Sound effects in this game are good too. Scribble is, overall, the best party drawing game that I’ve played and I highly recommend it if you have a bunch of friends.


Scribble is a great game, especially if you have a lot of friends. There are a bunch of modes; its perfect for up to four or more people. I do wish there were a few more two-player modes and that you could save single player doodles, but overall, I was really happy with this game. The controls, especially the drawing, work well. The music and sound are very nice on this game too. Scribble is a must buy if you need something to play during a party. It is also an excellent addition to the Wii U eshop.

Thanks to Bear Box Media for providing a review code for this game. Scribble is now available on the Wii U eshop!


  • Fun Party Game
  • Good Interface
  • Nice Music & Sound


  • Could Use More 2-player modes
  • Can’t Save Single Player Doodle

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