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Legend of Kay Anniversary Review

Legend of Kay Anniversary

Release: June 28, 2015
Publisher: Nordic Games Publishing
Developer: Neon Studios
Genre: Action, Platformer
PEGI: 10+


Worth a Play About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
7.0 - Video
6.5 - Audio

Legend of Kay originally came out in 2005, and was reviewed fairly well considering it was a platformer title exclusive to the platform heavy Playstation 2. I never owned a PS2 until well after the launch of the PS3, but even then, I had never played Legend of Kay.

Legend of Kay has been rereleased on PS4, PC, and Wii U. We are reviewing the Wii U version; while the Wii U version has the option of off TV play, it does not have the 1080p resolution available on PS4 and PC.


Legend of Kay flirts with ideas of colonialsm, almost a historical cartoon recreation of the conquest of the new world. In this oriental inspired world, gorillas and rats invade the lands of cats, rabbits, and a slew of other animals, destroying their way of life and implementing their own system of control. Kay, a typically rebellious youth, aims to take back control of the island. With the help of his (often drunk) mentor, Kay developes the necessary skills to become a true warrior.

The story telling is done in a unique way. No matter how bad the story telling is, the use of comic panels to move the story along is not something you normally see in your kid and family friendly platform games. The story might be terrible, but how it is presented is brilliant!

Legend of Kay is outstanding to play. The controls and camera work really well together, and outside of a few questionable button combinations for performing major attacks. The game is definitly kid friendly, and the way the game is laid out proves that. As a more experienced gamer, the long opening and tutorial laidened opening sequences can be boring for myself, but necessary for younger, less experienced players. To be fair, my five year old son had no issues.


Overall, Legend of Kay is a nice, inexpensive game to get you into the fall gaming season. There are plenty of quests to keep you busy, but if you want to power through the game you can. Although improvements have been made to the visuals and audio, the voice acting will likely make you cringe. If you can work through the first few hours, you are in forĀ  pleasant gaming experience.



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