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Level 22 Review

Level 22

Release: January 28, 2016
Publisher: Moving Player
Developer: Moving Player
Genre: Adventure, Indie


Excellent About Rating
9.5 - Gameplay
9.5 - Video
9.5 - Audio

You’re name is Gary and you’re very late for work. You could make up some excuse for being late or tell the truth, but instead, you decide to sneak into work. You can’t let anyone see you! Thankfully, your best pal and former employee of this company is on the phone and will help you sneak by all your co-workers and boss. Will you make it to Level 22? This is the concept of Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures for the Wii U! Think of it as Solid Snake meets Average Geeky Joe. Now your asking yourself: would I sneak out of work to play this game? Let’s find out!


I love Level 22’s story. The basic concept may seem simple, but the wonderful dialogue and situations you’re put in this game make it so unique. The game’s humor is absolutely self aware; there are many references to the whole situation being like a video game. Level 22 doesn’t forget it roots either, there are a lot of Metal Gear references too. There are, overall, so many different references to geeky things, from Batman to Star Wars. Have I mentioned how much I love this game’s story?

I also can’t help but love Level 22’s gameplay, which is just as unique as the game’s story. You start off at the building parking garage and have to work your way up to level 22 of the building without being seen. The game is set in “worlds” and there are five floors for four worlds.  The places you visit start out normal enough and then just get crazy. I won’t spoil the levels for you. You’ll have to go check them out for yourself.

I will say that the game gets harder and harder as you go and there are not always enough clues to figure out what you have to do next. I had to look at youtube videos to complete this game. I wanted to finish this game, not just because of this review, but because I had to know if Gary made it to the top floor and avoided his boss. And I won’t tell you what happened, but I will say that I loved the ending! Though I didn’t want the game to be over.

I can’t help but wish Level 22 was longer. I beat the game in about 5 hours and while I enjoyed it a lot, I definitely was left wanting more. There are some secrets to find in this game and that may add to its replay value a bit. I’m sure I’ll eventually go back and play Level 22 again. I had so much fun playing with this game.

Level 22 has really good controls. Actually, it has two ways you can control the game. You can use the analog stick/buttons completely or you can use the gamepad’s touch screen to walk around and use items. Unfortunately, you can’t use the touch screen completely. You still have to push the A button to use certain items. I wish the touch screen integration had been complete, but its not a game breaker. There will still be some people who want to use the touch screen plus the A button. The touch screen controls do work well. Overall, I preferred using the analog stick/buttons though. Oh and Level 22 has Off-TV Play. The game looks great on the TV and the gamepad.

Level 22 has very good graphics. I love the cartoon-y big headed art style that it has. The graphics totally fit the game’s story and gameplay.

And Level 22 has good audio too. The game’s music is enjoyable and the sound effects are perfect. There is one thing that I wish had been included in the audio and that’s voice over. There is so much dialogue in Level 22 and while its fun to read, I couldn’t help but imagine how fantastic it would have been to hear the dialogue out loud. This issue doesn’t ruin the game nor does the game’s other issues! There’s so much to love with Level 22.

Level 22 is the sneaking game that you didn’t know you wanted. Other Indies have tried sneaking games lately and have done just an ok job. Level 22, however, gives you a game with a unique story, wonderful dialogue, and cool gameplay. It is not an easy game and it may challenge you a lot at times. I wish some of the levels had more clues as to what you can do. But I will tell you this: Level 22 is worth all the trouble. The game may be short, but it is also very sweet. I highly recommend that you go out and get this game from the Wii U eshop right now. Don’t let your boss catch you sneaking out of the building!

Thanks to Moving Player for the review copy of this game. Level 22 is currently on the Wii U eshop.


  • Unique story
  • Wonderful dialogue
  • Excellent gameplay
  • Enjoyable music & sound effects


  • Too short
  • Very hard game at times
  • No Voice Over


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