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Super Robo Mouse Review

Super Robo Mouse

Release: April 7, 2016
Publisher: RCMADIAX
Developer: RCMADIAX
Genre: Indie, Other, WiiU Categories
PEGI: 10+


Bad About Rating
3.0 - Gameplay
3.0 - Video
1.0 - Audio

Have you ever played a game that was so frustrating that you seriously thought about throwing your system out the window? I thought about doing that exact thing while playing Super Robo Mouse for the Wii U eshop! Read on to find out why.

In Super Robo Mouse, you play as a mouse who is stuck in a maze and must find several pieces of cheese. A brief story set can be read and then you’re put into the game. This is a very ho-hum and uninteresting way to set up the game. Things don’t get much better from there. Its very easy to get lost or turned around in the mazes. The mazes are more frustrating than challenging. The real challenge comes from the dangers in the mazes, such as the buzz saws. Of course, no game is interesting without a little challenge and you might think its a good thing that there are obstacles in the mazes. But Super Robo Mouse goes beyond just challenging…


If you get hit one time by any of the obstacles in Super Robo Mouse, you die and get sent back to the beginning of the maze. Worse yet, you lose all of your cheese. I lost count of the number of times I died in this game and had to collect those cheese again. A checkpoint after getting all the cheese, at least, would have been nice. The only thing I’m thankful for here is that the game doesn’t have a timer! I guess we did dodge that bullet. I’m sure there will be some people who are better at this game than I was and will enjoy it a little more.

I wasn’t very good at this game at all. For me, having to repeat the mazes over and over and over again got boring and repetitive. I have never liked one-hit and you die games. They seem very unfair. What’s wrong with having a health bar or a heart counter? The game would still be challenging, but a little more fair in my opinion. As it is, Super Robo Mouse is way too hard. I know I won’t be the only one who throws their hands up at this game. That said, Super Robo Mouse’s controls do work fine.

Super Robo Mouse uses the analog stick to move the mouse around. This works pretty good. There is some touch screen support for the menus and that works fine too. Though it did seem a little out of place because none of the rest of the game supports the touch screen. One of the biggest disappointments with Super Robo Mouse is that is has no off-tv play. The second screen is used for the menus at the beginning of the game and then used as a cheese counter on the second screen. I did not like this second screen use at all. I found it pretty boring. Why couldn’t a cheese counter have been included in the corner of the gameplay? I also wished that there was a death count somewhere too! Super Robo Mouse seems like a game that will easily translate over to cellphones or another system. I have no idea why this game is on the Wii U.


Super Robo Mouse’s graphics are much better than any of RCMADIAX’s previous efforts, but still feel more like cellphone graphics than Wii U graphics. The graphics are not painful to look at, but they are boring.

As for the game’s soundtrack, its very annoying. I had to turn the game’s music down. Also, there are no sound effects at all in this game. That doesn’t make sense at all. With so many saw blades hanging about, there should be saws making noise and the sound of a robo mouse getting destroyed. Instead, if you die, you just go back to the beginning with no real weight to your mouse’s death. This game definitely needs sound effects.



Super Robo Mouse is not a good game. It is better than RCMADIAX’s previous games, but overall, I wish the developer would go back to doing puzzle games. I felt like the developer did a good job with them. On the other hand, games like Super Robo Mouse feel like he’s trying to create something that’s out of his wheelhouse. Super Robo Mouse could look better and be more user friendly than it is.

I’m sure there will be some people who like this game though. I know that there are people who are really good at hard games. So perhaps they’d rate this game better than me. Though, even if we put the difficulty aside, Super Robo Mouse is still a boring looking game, with an annoying soundtrack and subpar Wii U gamepad use. RCMADIAX can do better than this game. I know he can.

Thank you to RCMADIAX for providing a copy of this game to Games Reviews. Super Robo Mouse is out now on the Wii U eshop.


  • Some people will like that it’s a hard game…


  • ….while other people will find the game too frustrating
  • Boring Graphics
  • Bad Story
  • Awful Wii U gamepad use


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