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Disney Infinity 3.0 after 60 Minutes


For the longest time, I often would determine my level of interest in a game after sixty minutes. Growing up, I rented a lot of video games, all of which had to pass the sixty minute test before I would buy it from the store. As a reviewer, I technically can’t have a sixty minute barometer – I must review the entire game. However, I often still use my sixty minute rule, even if I plan to play the whole game. With the release of Disney Infinity, it is almost impossible¬†to adequately review everything in one ‘review,’ I’ve decided to share my thoughts on Disney Infinity 3.0 after – you guessed it! – sixty minutes.

It only took five minutes for me to do what I felt was a whole lot! I was playing as Anakin Skywalker in a Star Wars themed area for a few minutes, before transitioning into the world of Inside Out, attempting to collect a core memory with Joy and Anger, before warping into an arcade racer with Minnie and Mickey at the wheel. It was five minutes, it was a tease, and it was definitely enjoyable. It was so enjoyable that I almost didn’t realize I had just played through a quick tutorial. This is great, because nothing ruins the first few minutes of a game like a terribly long, drawn out tutorial. You are quickly dumped into the included Star Wars toy set, and really get the feel for the controls. I’ve played a lot of Star Wars games over the years, but few have delivered a fighting style that is as good as this. While easier enemies can be dispatched with mindless button mashing, more difficult enemies require a bit more thought, using the dodge and force abilities to maximize the attack and to minimize damage.

For part of the first sixty minutes, I handed the controller off to my almost-six year old son. A few problems began to rear their ugly heads. My son has become quite good at playing DI 1.0 and DI 2.0, but was having a hard time wrapping his head around this Star Wars play set. Once he was set loose to explore the area, he became overwhelmed and lost, often falling off ledges when trying to climb. The biggest issue for him: not really knowing what to do next. Fortunately, I was able to guide him into the next mission and things settled down.

After moving through a number of platforming areas, a battle with General¬†Grievous happens, your real first ‘boss’ fight. I found this battle very challenging for even myself! This fight, and what led up to it, has sold me on this play set, and more than likely, all the other Star Wars play sets that will be available soon. I couldn’t move on thought, because I really needed to get some Toy Box time in during the first sixty minutes. Unfortunately, I spent more time than I realized playing Star Wars (which, frankly, is a good sign!) and I only had time to unlock each of the various areas (Fighting Dojo, Main Street, etc) within the new and improved, expanded Toy Box, and get the mini audio tutorial about each. However, there was enough there to make me quickly finish the article and find my way back to the couch.

Disney Infinity 3.0 has easily passed my sixty minute test, and I cannot wait to play more. The greatest part, however, is that there is so much to do in just this starter pack that I haven’t even thought about opening up my other play sets and characters. While the 3.0 starter pack definitely looks a tad lighter in content than what we got for the same price in 1.0 and 2.0, the actual amount of game play – including the better quality play sets – makes Disney Infinity 3.0 worth the 64.99.




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