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Legna Tactica Review

Legna Tactica

Release: February 2, 2017
Publisher: Kemco
Developer: Hit-Point Co.
Genre: Indie, Nintendo 3DS Reviews, Role-playing, Strategy


Worth a Play About Rating
7.5 - Gameplay
- Video
7.0 - Audio

Final Fantasy Tactics. Disaega. Fire Emblem. Legna Tactica. Wait. What was that last one? Legna Tactica is a brand new strategy rpg for the 3DS eshop. Much like the other games named, you’ll be moving your characters across squares in various levels. Legna Tactica shares a lot in common with the games I mentioned, but is it a good game or just a cheap rip-off of other strategy rpgs?

Legna Tactica has way too much dialogue! Its similar to Fire Emblem in that way but, at least, Fire Emblem had well written dialogue. The same can not be said for Legna Tactica unfortunately. The dialogue in Legna is stiff and awkward. It does the game’s story no favors at all because the story in this game isn’t that great either. Some good dialogue could have made this game’s story even better though. Its a real shame. I’m not going to say that Legna Tactica has the worst srpg story I’ve ever seen, I did like some of the story, but overall, its not the best part of the game. So how is Legna Tactica’s gameplay? Is it better than the story?


Legna Tactica’s gameplay is a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics. I wouldn’t say that Legna is on the same level as Tactics, it lacks the great story or engaging characters of that game, but Legna’s core gameplay is fun nevertheless.

I like how challenging Legna Tactica can be at times. You have to plan out your strategy or you’ll really get destroyed in this game. The battles were always interesting and fun. And I think that the game’s skill tree leveling up system is very good! I’m also happy to report that this game has a world map, something that the much better srpg Meceneries Saga 2 left out. Of course, Legna just wouldn’t be good if it had bad controls and thankfully the controls here are pretty solid.

There is touch screen support for all of the menus in Legna Tactica, including during battle. Its too bad you can’t move your characters along the map with the touch screen too. So you can’t completely use the touch screen to play this game. Still, its really nice to see how well used the touch screen is in this game. I mostly just played Legna with the buttons though and it worked great. The controls in this game are pretty easy and they work well.

Legna Tactics isn’t looking to reinvent the strategy rpg wheel. It borrows from a lot of the popular games in the genre. However, I do think srpg fans will enjoy the game. And thankfully, the game’s graphics are not bad to boot.


Legna Tactica’s graphics are not on the level of Fire Emblem nor the Final Fantasy series, but they are not really bad either. Some environments and side characters do look a little bland, but the main characters of the game are all well designed, especially the drawn versions of them during dialogue, and I love the world map for this game too. Basically, the graphics in Legna Tactica are not great, however they are not awful either.

The music in Legna Tactica is good and reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics. I especially enjoyed the battle music. There isn’t much to say about Legna Tactica sound effect wise. There isn’t anything annoying, but none of the sound effects stand out like the music. Overall, Legna Tactica is a good game that strategy rpg fans will enjoy.


Legna Tactica isn’t the best strategy rpg I’ve ever played, but its far from the worst. There is a lot to like about this game, especially its core strategy gameplay. I do wish the game’s story, dialogue, and graphics were better though. In the end, if you are strategy rpg fan, Legna Tactica is worth check out!

Thanks to Kemco for providing a copy of this game for review. Legna Tactica is now available on the 3DS eshop!


  • Solid Tactical Gameplay
  • Excellent Skill Tree System
  • Good controls


  • Graphics Could Be Better
  • Story Isn’t Great


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