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Shift DX Review

Shift DX

Release: January 12, 2017
Publisher: Choice Provisions
Developer: Cosen
Genre: Genres, Indie, Nintendo 3DS Categories, Nintendo 3DS Reviews, Puzzle


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

In Shift DX for the 3DS, you manipulate an environment to solve each level. Turn the level upside down, grab a key to move things that are blocking your way or seek out the light bulb to make other things disappear. We’ve seen puzzle games like this before, but that doesn’t mean Shift DX isn’t anything special. Lets turn this review over and see if we find another gem for the 3DS.


Is a wall in your way? Turn your environment upside down and find a way around. Is a big black block in your way? Look for a key that’ll automatically move it out of the way! Don’t be afraid of those arrow signs! Sometimes turning things upside down won’t do it. You have to go up, down, or sideways occasionally! Shift DX is an environment changing puzzle game. Some of its levels are pretty complex, while others are much simpler than they appear. The puzzles in this game are always interesting though and the game is a lot of fun. There is a story of sorts to the game too and thats nice. The dialogue thats written into some levels is usually funny or odd. The main mode is great, but its not the only mode you’ll find in this game.

As you play the main mode of Shift DX, you’ll unlock a Level Editor, Challenge Mode, and other secrets. My favorite of the unlockables is the Level Editor. The editor isn’t perfect, it could have used a tutorial to explain the tools you are given and in fact the whole game could have used tutorials to better explain the overall concept, but I’m sure someone really talented could come up with a cool level anyway.

Best of all, though, is that you can share these levels by creating a QR code and posting it online. Unfortunely, QR code creation & scanning it not available right away. You have to keep playing the regular levels to unlock those features. It shouldn’t take you too long to do so though. By the way, here’s a level that I created if you want to try it out:


Its a pretty simple level, but I had fun creating it. The Level editor isn’t too hard to use, but there are a few things that I still haven’t figured out about it. I can’t wait to download other peoples levels and see what they do with the edtior!

As for Challenge mode, its a neat extra and gives you a little more shifting fun if you want it. I do like all the other neat little things you unlock as you progress in the game too. Thankfully, the games controls are easy enough to learn and don’t hamper your progression.

Shift DX controls work really well. The analog and the buttons are very responsive, which is important in a game like this (especially when you have spikes to avoid). The game also has touch screen support for menus and for the level editor. The touch screen support works well too. The level editor is pretty easy to use via the touch screen. You can even test out your level right as you are creating it and that works perfectly. Overall, Shift DX is a very good game. Even its graphics, while simple, are very nice.


Shift DX has very simple graphics, though they fit the game very well. You can add a little color and sometimes a different character to the Shift DX graphics via unlockable skins, but I think the orignal black and white graphics look the best!

Sound wise, Shift DX is pretty good. The soundtrack is nice and the sound effects are fine. I did notice a weird static sound once and while (along with a bit of visual static), especially when testing out levels. Not sure if that was part of the game or a glitch. There isn’t a lot of bad things to say about this game though. Shift DX is a very good puzzle game and I highly recommend you buy it if you love the genre.


Fans of brain twisty puzzle games will really like Shift DX. The main modes ranges from easy to pretty complex levels, the challenge mode gives you a little more to play if you want, an the best extra is the level editor which lets you create your own unique Shift levels! There is a lot of content in this game and the nice, simple graphics present it very well. However, I do wish there had been tutorials to better explain the shifting in the beginning and of course a tutorial for the level editor, but other than that, I can’t find much wrong with this game. Shift DX is highly recommended for puzzle fans. Why are you even reading this review anymore?! Go get this game!

Thank you Choice Provisions for providing a review copy of this game. Shift DX is currently available on the 3DS eshop!


  • Nice graphics
  • Good gameplay
  • Lots of content


  • No Tutorials


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