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New Xbox Experience Launches Today


The New Xbox Experience (NXE) launched today for all regions, and it is very good looking. At 3:01 AM Eastern, those who have automatic updates enabled began downloading the NXE. When I perused the new dashboard around 7 AM, I was incredibly impressed. While it will take a bit of time getting use to the changes, it appears as if everything has been streamlined.

The interface is outstanding, and switching between menus has never been faster. The lags that sometimes existed with the old Xbox One dashboard are gone; these didn’t pose real problems, to be fair, but not having to deal with them is a wonderful improvement.

Many people have noticed the games they own that appear on the Backwards Compatibility list are not showing up yet. No worries! Microsoft has announced that backwards comparability will be live this afternoon. You will then be able to grab all those 360 games you own and play them on your Xbox One. I’m personally excited about playing Just Cause 2 again, leading into the release of Just Cause 3 in a few weeks. Remember, if there is a game you want to see that is not on this initial list, you can still head over to the Xbox webpage and vote for what game you want to see next!

For more on the New Xbox Experience stay tuned to Games Reviews.


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