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PS+ Leak – PS3 may be losing its AAA Title


November’s PlayStation Plus is getting closer and Sony will be about to announce the firm details of it.¬†Instead of posting about it on the blog, they accidentally released a video which was quickly grabbed by fans. This is for the American version of PS+, but EU users may want to start hoping for something a little meatier.

PlayStation 4 users will be getting The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Steamworld Dig, both great titles but bound to suffer from the Not-AAA crowd’s wrath. The PS4, which is about to turn one, hasn’t really been impressing everybody in the last twelve months, but that is what it is.

Less impress, the PlayStation 3 may not have a full AAA title either. The console seems set to offer Luftrausers and Frozen Synapse Prime. If there’s anything that’s going to get negative feedback this month – other than the fact that Drive Club PS+ Edition is still non-existent – it will be that it seems the PS3 has “slipped back,” and it does raise questions about what is happening behind the scenes.

PlayStation Vita offerings include The Hungry Horde and Escape Plan. The latter was a launch title, but a popular enough one, but of course a lot of people will have already played it.

In short, this PS+ offers very little if anything that’s actively not worth playing, which is the point of PS+, but it might just be the month that pushes a little too far for those that have spent the last four or five months complaining.


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