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Fable HD Coming to Xbox 360

You apparently tweeted it (Lionhead were watching and recording), and now those of you who took to Twitter in literally your millions are getting your wish (not to exaggerate…). The video above, posted to the official Lionhead YouTube channel, more than hits at a HD version of the original game, although this should be viewed as a teaser rather than a full confirmation. Although it says that Fable HD is coming to Xbox 360, basically in black and white, ┬áit doesn’t actually expressly confirm anything. Don’t you just love video game trailers?

No word on whether it’ll be a straight port of the original Fable – released across the original Xbox and PC – with a few HD textures and native resolution or if we’ll be getting a full remake. It’s be nice to think that some of the ideas added later in the series, ideas that took advantage of the 360’s increased power, might be gently implemented. I imagine we’ll get a full reveal over the next week or so.


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