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Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One Early Impressions

I generally hate MMO’s. Let me rephrase that: I loathe MMO’s. I just never saw the fun in typing to chat, spending half my game play time swapping weapons and potions, or having to find a guild to truly enjoy the game. I want to play an MMO on my own time, which sometimes is only a few hours a week. Most MMO’s don’t give that kind of freedom. ESO definitely does.


Now, the game is definitely plagued with a less than acceptable number of bugs that constantly having me logging out of Elder Scrols Online, and at time doing a hard reset of my console. NPC’s become invisible which leads to many issues, most notably the inability to finish quests. I’ve also often been unable to log in at all, and sometimes wait up to 20 minutes just to get into the game. For someone with limited time, this is less than ideal.

However, when I do get into the game, it is totally worth it. I can play it on my own, how I want to play it. It is essentially and massively multiplayer version of Skyrim. Characters are there to interact with if I want, but I can also ignore them just as easily. There is also so much to do, so I never feel bored.

To be fair, I am only 10 hours into my game play experience. I will continue to write updates as I go. Next week I plan to touch on playing this game with friends, something I’ve just recently begun doing. Until then, stay tuned to Games Reviews!


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