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Microsoft Cancels Xbox Live Family Pack

The Xbox Live Family Pack allowed groups of gamers to get four accounts upgraded to gold at a discount price, alongside a few other helpful features (like parental controls). At only $99 for a year, it really did offer a competitive option for groups of Xbox owners. That option has today been removed. 

Without offering much explanation, the Xbox Live Family offer has been closed down. As of earlier today, it was possible to still click the advertisement for the service, although it was met with an error message.

Destructoid contacted Microsoft, who confirmed they’d no longer be offering the service.

Although this has led some people to try to guess the reasoning behind removing the discount, the bigger issue is what – just as Sony are conquering the market with PlayStation Plus – could be bad enough to warrant a severe knock to the Live PR wagon (which has already received a decent beating in recent months).

People already subscribed to the service will be able to see out their subscription, although they won’t be able to renew.



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