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PS Vita Slim To Be Announced Soon?

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The PS Vita Slim is already a thing – in Japan. It’s 20% slimmer than its original counterpart and has been unavailable in the west. That looks like it’s just about to change. IGN have recieved an invite to a press reveal promising the slimmest launch in PlayStation history. Just what on earth could that mean?

You have been invited to an exclusive breakfast reveal with PlayStation.

Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history,
join us for an introduction to the slimmest.

The “breakfast reveal” (I bet it’ll be eggs, NO, pancakes!) will take two hours on the morning of January 30th, so expect to know what’s going on by the afternoon. There’s no surefire way of knowing they’re definitely talking about the Vita slim, of course, not until it’s official, but there’s not much else it could be, unless there’s a new PlayStation phone or TV about to hit the market.

The Japanese PlayStation slim is available in a variety of colours, with a battery that lasts a little longer. That’s largely because they replaced the OLED screen with a regular LED one, a move that might make purists shiver as the device comes to the US and EU territories. The official announcement is less than a week away.


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