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blank News 11 years ago

Google Glass Info Released

Google are preparing to take modern technology to new heights with the release of the Google Glass, the first product of its type to ever have been released. Most of us have kept a close eye on Project Glass since its announcement in June 2012 and now, with new videos that reveal the concept online, consumers are likely to be scrambling over one another to access this latest piece of innovation. The development process is taking place in Google’s X…

blank News 11 years ago

Assassin’s Creed IV Info Blowout

Assassin’s Creed IV has been officially confirmed this morning, and with that confirmation has come a slew of details. Perhaps the most important thing is that the game will be released across both current gen consoles, the PS4 (and, presumably, the next Xbox), the Wii U and PC. Ubisoft made a point of saying that this wouldn’t be a case of “release it on everything and hope for the best,” but instead that next-gen consoles will see a genuine increase…

blank News 11 years ago

Revelations HD Loading Times are Scary

Players who want to finish Resident Evil: Revelations HD might be disappointed to learn that there will be more than a few pauses in their adventure; the game in its current state boasts loading times of well over half a minute. Although the 3DS version wasn’t a great deal better, people willing to buy both the original and HD port of the game will have been hoping that a little optimization may have cut back on load times. There are,…

blank News 11 years ago

Free Xbox Live Weekend For UK March 8-10

Sponsored by Bioshock Infinite, all Xbox Live members in the UK can enjoy a free Xbox live weekend starting 12:00 GMT Friday, March 8th and concluding on Sunday, March 10th at 23:59 GMT.

News 11 years ago

Command & Conquer alpha gameplay

The uber-popular Command & Conquer series helped to set the pace for the Real Time Strategy genre in the mid-90’s with the original title Command & Conquer.

blank News 11 years ago

Assasin’s Creed IV Confirmed

An auspicious photo recently leaked out showing the familiar attire of an Assassin’s Creed assassin aboard a pirate ship with a pistol and cutlass in hand which has led to a lot of not-so-crazy speculation on the internet about the future of Assassin’s Creed IV. This leaked out image has forced the hand of Ubisoft to make light of the situation and tell the world about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed title, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. They have not confirmed…

blank News 11 years ago

God of War: Ascension demo

If you want to get a taste of Kratos’s next PS3 adventure (and probably his last), you can download the demo for God of War: Ascension right now from the PlayStation Network. The demo gives you a chance to escape from the Prison of the Damned, an “epic” early level that’s bound to whet your excitement for release day – March 16th.

resident-evil6 News 11 years ago

Resident Evil 6 – Free PC benchmark mode

Are you a resident evil fan but haven’t played resident evil 6 yet? Is the reason because you only own a PC? Really you are one of those like 15 people, well ok then I should tell you that Resident Evil 6 drops for PC on March 22 with all the same content given in the console modes plus a new mode called “The Mercenaries: No Mercy”, which is basically just the existing mercenaries mode for consoles with more baddies.…

blank News 11 years ago

Wii Mini Comes to UK

Nintendo’s Wii Mini is launching in the UK next month on March 22. With the Wii U out now, but possibly out of some gamers’ price ranges for now, the Wii Mini seems like a great way to get your hands on some classic Wii games. This revamped Wii console comes with around 1200 games playable on the new console, most being some fan favorites.

blank News 11 years ago

Minecraft Update 1.5 “Redstone” Hits PC’s Early March

Firstly, for those who remember the events that took place at Minecon 2012, Bergensten announced that the “Redstone” update would be the first in a long line of releases