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Final Fantasy VII Web Series Takes to Kickstarter

ffviiWe’ve all seen a live action project of Final Fantasy VII somewhere on the internet, but this one is asking for your help to make it the best. Shinra Productions LLC have launched a Kickstarter for their project called Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series. The Kickstarter describes it as “…a fan project dedicated to bringing the characters, events, and excitement seen in the iconic videogame Final Fantasy VII into a live-action web series.”

The series’ first season will consist of 5-6 episodes totaling to 80-90 minutes of footage. The project has some very impressive staff members including Xander Williams who wrote the famous Final Fantasy VII fanfiction novel “The Jenova Project” and James Mark who has worked as a stunt performer in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, “Kick Ass”, and “Repo Men” just to name a few.

Lower tiers will get you stickers, t-shirt, posters, and other fun merchandise while the higher tiers include walk-on roles, meal and drinks with the production team, and for $10,000 you will also get an Xtreme Skills Development martial arts training session with Team 2X, which James Mark co-founded. I highly advise you check out the trailer; this is some high quality stuff!



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