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Xbox One X Coverage: Quantum Break in 4K

There are a ton of impressive titles already enhanced on the Xbox One X, but I’m pretty sure no upgrade is as pronounced as the enhancements made to Quantum Break. With the faster load times, more stable frame rate, and upgraded 4K visuals, nothing else compares!

This title was reviewed in 4K on the Samsung Series 7 55inch Q7 UHD QLED TV! Our Review Here.

Microsoft’s older titles are bound to look for impressive than their originals when enhanced for 4K HDR simply because of the time that has elapsed between those launches and the Xbox One X launch. When Quantum Break first launched, however, it was an impressive game, with a hefty download size to accompany it thanks to the TV show that was basically embedded in the game itself.

Fast forward to November of this year, and the game has never looked better; visuals have been drastically enhanced to 4K, and between the updated game enhancements and the TV show also rendering in 4K, Quantum Break is now the largest game download on Xbox One X, coming in well over 150 GB.

When downloading Quantum Break, the lack of internal storage on the Xbox One becomes very apparent, but allowing this title to take up about a 5th of your hard drive space is completely worth it. Because of the time that had passed, even a few of Quantum Breaks more interesting story points seemed fresh.

Textures are improved, resolutions are improved, load times – fairly frequent in this title – are shorter, and the frame rate is much more stable throughout. This is the definition of an enhanced game in ever way. Kudos to Microsoft on this one!



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