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Xbox Canada challenges you to beat James Hinchcliffe

Challenges where you can win amazing prizes are always fun, and I’ll be honest: driving a Porsche across British Columbia would be a fantastic prize, as would a fat wad of cash for those under the age of 21. If you’ve been perfecting your Forza skills, do you think you could beat James Hinchcliffe? Check out the details on how to enter below, thanks to Xbox Canada PR!

James Hinchcliffe

You can get all the details by visiting the Xbox Canada webpage!

Since the launch of Forza Motorsport 7 I’m sure you’ve learned to perfect those drifts and clear those corners. But, now are you up for a real challenge? How about one ft. a real Indy Racing Champion?

Xbox Canada has announced a new competition with James Hinchcliffe who faced off on the Dubai Racetrack, Full Circuit, in a Porsche 911 GT2 RS clocking 2 Laps in 5:46.653.

Fans that beat his time can share a picture of themselves and their time using #TakeTheLeadContest. One lucky winner will get the chance to drive two different Porsche’s across British Columbia and see some of the world’s most beautiful ecological wonders on a trip they will never forget. Or, if the lucky winner is under the age of 21, they’ll score some sweet sweet cash money instead.

If fans want to try and set their time in-person they came come out to four live in-person events:


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