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The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Review

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: CD Projekt Red
Developer: CD Projekt Red
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Excellent About Rating
10 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

CD Projekt Red might have had a few rocky years as of late with the roller-coaster of a game with Cyberpunk 2077, but they are doing something really special for fans of what is undoubtedly their greatest hit in the Witcher 3.  Dropping on December 14th at midnight, the new update is coming out for free, to anyone who owns The Witcher 3 currently. Now there is allot in this update, this isn’t an example of just some texture smoothing or something.

You can expect a similar suite of upgrades that typically come with next-gen updates which includes a graphics mode that prioritizes 4K visuals and ray-tracing at 30 fps, or a Performance Mode that prioritizes 60 fps. CD Projekt also added a series of game-enhancing mods created by the community (which is really cool to see) as well as internally at the studio, a photo mode, and even some new missions with some Netflix inspired rewards.

In the graphics mode, you can expect some brilliant updates that really stand out from the original especially in the lighting department. But performance mode is where things really stood out for me, now of course the graphics don’t look like the best things available on the current gen, but 100% makes the game look like something that would have been released this gen, plus taking care of a ton off of issues that plagued the original game (horse on the roof anyone) and massive dips in frame rate. With performance mode the game runs SUPER smooth unlike very few games I have seen today.


In addition to that there is a new quick sign casting now that helps you perform your various spells without having to open the spell wheel like before. Now its a simple as holding down the trigger and pressing the button that corresponds to the spell you want to do.

Nice and easy, a very much appreciated feature when you are in the mix of things and need to utilize all of your abilities. Character and enemy models and textures have been updated to prevent Armour and Hair clipping that we often see in older games. The camera has also been revamped and now functions much more natural and current to games of today (best comparison would be it now functions like God of War Ragnorok) you can still see everything going on, but it sticks closer to you in combat so you can see what’s going on.


Keeping in mind this game already was a masterpiece before any of these updates. Even with the frame issues, camera and bugs back then it still won virtually every award and accolade it possibly could.

It is undisputedly one of the best games of last gen, just now it looks and feels more current gen so that way more people can experience it in the best way possible, and for the hardcore Witcher fans, you can get sucked back in once again for another playthrough. This is a game most people clamoured over and spent countless hours in this world, even if they were just playing Gwent.

The story is what it is, much like a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game the main story is ok, but much of the fun and better experiences are exploring the world and some of the side missions which are a little more enclosed vs a massive 100+ hour narrative.


You can read our original full review HERE while it might be from when the game released but I still echo those same scores.



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