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Marvel’s Avengers: War for Wakanda Review

Marvel’s Avengers: War for Wakanda

Release: August 18, 2021
Publisher: Square Enix - Crystal Dynamics - T
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8.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
10 - Audio

In the latest DLC expansion for Marvel’s Avengers (after an insanely long marketing campaign advertising this), we finally get to visit Wakanda. I have been a fan of this game since it first came out for its SINGLE player campaign and story. I think it’s one of the better-written stories we have seen in a Marvel game ever, the main problem with the game is the shoe-horning of multiplayer which isn’t really needed at all.

This latest installment has us taking over as the king of Wakanda and the Black Panther in T’Challa. In this story, Ulysses Klaue shows up in Wakanda with a band of mercenaries (yay, new villains finally) as he wants to drain vibranium from the kingdom. Black Panther as the noble and proud man he is, does not ask for help instead you jump right into the action solo, solving puzzles and attempting to save Wakanda. Eventually, the other Avengers show up to ask T’Challa for help in understanding why corrupted vibranium is popping up across the globe.



The palace and world of Wakanda is a welcomed change in scenery from the rest of the Avengers Game. Filled with lush jungles, ruined temples and caves, and then the palace which is a beautiful blend of history and technology as Wakanda should be. Black Panther as a character plays very differently from the other avengers, which is a welcomed change of pace. As much as I enjoyed Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, it was time for a change. Black Panther’s abilities involve blocking and parrying in order to store kinetic energy in his suit, which I have NEVER been a good defensive gamer to be honest, but when done right his stored energy can be used to increase all of his abilities and attacks.  His specialty attacks include a spear that can pin up to three enemies, Kimoyo beads which seek out foes and do stun damage while lowering impact resistance, and his ultimate, which summons the power of Bast to buff damage and defense and use kinetic powers without consuming energy.

This expansion also has a good deal of platforming and a few puzzles to boot which helps break up the non-stop smash fest the game is otherwise. The voice acting again is done very well, as it has been throughout the series. The villains in Klaue and Crossbones are a welcomed change as well, both characters are VERY different in combat. By the end of the DLC, we have a story-related reason as to why Black Panther joins the team, and who he puts in charge in his absence that comic fans will appreciate for sure.


All in all, I really enjoyed this expansion, however, if you really didn’t like Avengers at all I don’t think this will turn you around, it’s very much still the same game (which I only play alone anyway) but given some new life with a new character, location, combat style, and enemies. If you own the game already, this expansion is free.


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