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Release: May 10, 2023
Publisher: Devcats
Developer: Devcats
Genre: Genres, Indie, Puzzle, Video, Xbox Series X CategoriesXbox Series X Reviews


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5.0 - Gameplay
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Do you like cats? Do you like Sudoku? Well, then, you may or may not be interested in Sudocats! Check out our review for Sudocats, a unique take on Sudoku, for the Xbox Series S.

Sudocats is a puzzle game thats based on Sudoku but instead of numbers, the puzzles use cats. You will have to find the right order to place the cats. Certain cats can’t be next to each other and you can’t have the same cat in the same row. The rows are up, down, and across. The puzzles seem simple but they are not. Sudocats gets very hard and quickly. However, if you understand Sudoku, you may (or may not) enjoy this game. This is a unique take on the game with a bit of interesting strategy. If you don’t enjoy Sudoku, well good luck figuring this game out.


The “tutorial” for Sudocats is a mess. You have to go to separate menus to see the controls for the game and the explanation of it. All of this should be right at the start of the game or at least selectable via the puzzle menu. Its not and the game doesn’t explain the controls well in the Instructions or explain the game well in Introducing Cats.

As for the controls, placing cats is simple enough but the side menus are cumbersome to navigate. There are too many side things to look at and again there’s no way to quickly access the game’s controls or the instructions for the game from here.

There’s not that much to the visuals or audio either. The visuals are simple cat drawings. They’re not bad but not great either. You can change the boards backgrounds and the background behind the boards too. These are very uninteresting options. The music has about three or four options and they just play over and over until you go mad. This is not a bad game, but its not a good one either.


Sudocats isn’t a horrible game, but its not a very good one either. If you’re not a Sudoku fan, things are not explained very well and the controls are a bit of a mess. The visuals and audio seem just thrown together. We’re not sure if we’d even recommend this one to Sudoku fans. Maybe you’d find enjoyment in it if you liked Sudoku but perhaps not. This is an okay game that could’ve been a bit better with some extra effort and polish. The concept is unique and interesting, but the execution is lackluster.

A digital code was provided for this review. Sudocats is now available for the Xbox Series X/S.



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