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MLB The Show 24 Review

MLB The Show 24

Release: March 19, 2024
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: San Diego Studios
Genre: PS5 Reviews, Reviews, XBox One ReviewsXbox Series X Reviews
PEGI: 12


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8 - Gameplay
9 - Video
9 - Audio

MLB The Show 24 swings onto the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, bringing its brand of baseball excellence to a new generation of players. As the first entry in the series to hit Xbox consoles, MLB The Show 24 carries the weight of expectation. Does it deliver a grand slam or whiff out entirely? Let’s take a deep dive into the game’s various modes, presentation, and gameplay to find out.

MLB The Show 24 boasts a wealth of game modes, catering to both casual and hardcore baseball fans. Here’s a breakdown of the key offerings:

  • Franchise Mode: The cornerstone of the series, Franchise Mode allows you to take the reins of your favorite team and guide them to World Series glory. You’ll handle everything from player management and scouting to roster construction and in-game decisions.
  • March to October: This streamlined mode lets you jump straight into the heart of a season, focusing on the most critical games in your quest for the championship. It’s perfect for those who want a quicker baseball fix.
  • Road to the Show: Live out your baseball dreams in Road to the Show, crafting your own custom player and carving your path to the major leagues. This mode offers a deep RPG experience as you progress through the minor leagues, develop your skills, and earn a call-up to the big show.
  • Showdown: This exciting online mode pits you against another player in a race to complete various offensive and defensive challenges. It’s a fast-paced and action-packed way to test your skills against the competition.
  • Diamond Dynasty: MLB The Show’s collectible card game mode returns, allowing you to build your ultimate baseball squad. You can earn cards through gameplay or purchase them with in-game currency (Stubs). This mode offers a strategic card collecting meta-game alongside traditional baseball action.
  • Exhibition: Classic exhibition mode lets you jump into a single game with any MLB team or create a custom matchup.

MLB The Show 24 is a visual treat, boasting stunningly realistic player models, detailed stadiums, and immersive lighting effects. The developers have meticulously captured the nuances of each ballpark, making you feel like you’re stepping right onto the field.


The broadcast presentation is top-notch as well, with a commentary team that provides insightful analysis and keeps the energy high throughout the game. There’s a wealth of customization options available too, allowing you to tailor the presentation to your preferences.

MLB The Show 24 refines the series’ already-solid gameplay, offering a nuanced and strategic baseball experience. The core mechanics of hitting, pitching, and fielding feel tight and responsive, with a deep learning curve that rewards practice and mastery.

The batting system offers a good balance between challenge and reward. Reading pitches, timing your swings, and mastering different batting approaches are all crucial for success. Pitching allows for a variety of deliveries and strategic sequencing, making it an engaging experience for those who enjoy the mound side of the game.

The fielding mechanics are fluid and intuitive, with a variety of options for throws and dives. Fielding can feel a bit more automated compared to hitting and pitching, but it still requires good positioning and reaction time to make the most difficult plays.

The transition to Xbox consoles is a smooth one for MLB The Show 24. The controls translate well to the Xbox controller, and the game runs flawlessly on both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The inclusion of cross-play functionality allows Xbox players to compete against those on PlayStation, expanding the online player pool. However, it’s important to note that this feature is limited to certain modes, so be sure to check before diving in.


One of the biggest criticisms of MLB The Show franchise is its reliance on Stubs, the in-game currency. While Stubs can be earned through gameplay, some of the most desirable items in Diamond Dynasty mode can be quite expensive. This can lead to a feeling of pay-to-win, especially for players who are short on time or don’t want to grind extensively.

Despite these minor stumbles, MLB The Show 24 is a strong contender for the title of best baseball simulation. The deep gameplay modes, fantastic presentation, and refined mechanics make it a joy to play. With its accessible features for new players and its wealth of content for veterans, The Show 24 delivers a well-rounded baseball experience that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.



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