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Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink

Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink

Release: January 22, 2016
Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Developer: Artifex Mundi
Genre: Strategy, XBox One Reviews


Worth a Play About Rating
7.0 - Gameplay
7.0 - Video
6.5 - Audio

Point and Click Games are typically seen on a desktop computer or even on a tablet and a smart phone. This time around Games Reviews received a code for Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink available on Xbox One. The development team, Artifex Mundi, did not disappoint with this title.

Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink starts with the option to begin the game at a Normal difficulty or Expert. In order to unlock all of the achievements in one play through it is recommended to go through the game on Expert Difficulty. Expert Difficulty isn’t as hard as it sounds to get through. If you follow along and interact with every townsperson along with every interaction in the game you should be done with 100% completion of all achievements in about five to seven hours. If you speed through and don’t care to discover or interact with everything, you could finish in under five hours.


The residence of our first chapter is Gottland. As we begin we learn the world of Gottland is hit with mysterious earthquakes. They have become more frequent as we begin our story into Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink. Doctor Ambrose Ink has been investigating all of the occurrences with the mystery earthquakes. All the evidence that he has accumulated so far points towards another village, the Hochwald village. The man behind these mysterious doings is a General Engineer, who resides in a heavily guarded Castle near those mountains. Ink needs proof to put away the evil doer. He gathers his intelligence special agent Evangeline Glass to assist him in this mystery. During the main story we play as Glass because Dr. Ink gets abducted almost as soon as we start the Clockwork Tales.

Aside from the regular point and click gameplay, we will find a load of mini games (Hidden Object Games and Fragmented Object Games). What I found during the actual game play was that the mini games provide a lot of thinking and problem solving that many of us gamers don’t get too exposed too often in video games. There were several mathematics solving mini games as well that gave me many head scratches but once the problem was solved a little jump for joy was had and then I found myself wanting to solve more.


Apart from mini games and the plot itself, the story progresses at an excellent rate as it delivers everything needed in order to proceed to the next section of the town. Clockwork Tales provides us with a short, detailed game from start to finish. There are no points system in order to move forward, just point, click and move on. It’s very simple, fun and intriguing. If this would have gone any longer I think viewers would taper off as these types of games don’t usually last too long.


Clockwork Tales has hit and miss score with the audio portion and more specifically with the sound effects and the voice acting itself. It’s probably the biggest downfall of the game but also not too much of a negative as we still gave the audio a 6.5 out of 10. The hilarious over the top German accents were funny but also kind of silly.

Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink is very fun, worth the small price of $9.99 and easy to finish in a weekend. It is available now on Xbox One and can be downloaded by clicking here.



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