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The Star Fox Puppets Return in All New Star Fox Zero Advertistment

At Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event last year, the company teamed up with the Jim Henson Company to create puppets based on Nintendo employees and Star Fox characters. And now the Star Fox puppets have returned in an all new Star Fox Zero advertisement!


Last week, Nintendo released a new Star Fox Zero advertisement. While the trailer doesn’t reveal anything new about the game, it does bring back the Star Fox puppets from last year’s Nintendo digital event.

No matter if you liked last year’s Nintendo’s E3 event or not, most people last year seemed to talk about the puppets and enjoy it. I’m glad to see the Star Fox puppets return. I’d love to see more ads with them or even a Nintendo Direct using them. I think Nintendo should continue to team up with wonderful partners like the Jim Henson Company. I’ve always thought Disney would be an amazing partner for Nintendo too. If they ever do animated Nintendo movies, I hope Pixar or Disney handles them!

Check out the new Star Fox Zero advertisement below and let us know what you think about it:

Bonus question: who would you like to see Nintendo team up with in either a Nintendo Direct, a video game, or a movie?

Star Fox Zero comes out on the Wii U next week!


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