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Shining A Light-Child of Light for Wii U Thoughts

Child of Light is currently on sale for the Wii U. For just $3.98 you can have the game for the Wii U. Why should you buy it RIGHT NOW? Here are my thoughts on Child of Light so far.


I had been tempted to buy Child of Light for awhile now. I thought the graphics looked great and the gameplay looked solid. And yet, I hesitated. The game cost $14.99 and I wasn’t completely sure about it. Then, just this week, Ubisoft put the game on sale for $3.98 (thats including tax!). I knew that the game was worth trying out for that price. Boy was I right! At $3.98, Child of Light is a steal.


The first thing you’ll notice about Child of Light is the graphics. The game has wonderful graphics that look like a great illustrated storybook brought to life. Just about anywhere you go in the game, you’ll be floored by the beauty of Child of Light. If that was the only thing the game had going for it, that would be a lot. But, thankfully, the game is more than just a pretty face.

Child of Light’s gameplay is a lot of fun. This is an rpg, which a very rare thing to find on the Wii U. The turn-based battles go by pretty quick too. The overall difficulty of the game isn’t too hard, but there are occasional battles where you’ll have to think fast and use your head. I’m enjoying the battle system and I like how you can upgrade your characters to make them even more powerful. Oh and there’s no random battles. You see the enemies in the levels and can usually avoid them if you want. I don’t mind picking a fight in Child of Light though!

Another great thing about Child of Light is its story. Just like the graphics, its like someone brought a storybook story to life. And I love how the characters and the story rhyme out everything. I know there are some people who don’t like the rhyming but I think it makes Child of Light even more interesting and unique.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that you should buy this game right now. If you love rpgs, especially, then you’ll love this game. Child of Light is totally worth the $14.99 that Ubisoft usually asks for the game. But, in my opinion, you’d be insane not to buy this game at the $3.98 current asking price. You will get a ton of fun out of Child of Light. It is definitely one of the best games on the Wii U eshop!


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