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RPGolf Legends Review

RPGolf Legends

Release: January 19, 2022
Publisher: Kemco
Developer: Articnet
Genre: Indie, Nintendo Switch Categories, Role-playing, Switch Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

Kemco has done some cool JRPG games in the past, but this one could be the most creative out-of-the-box concept Role-playing Game ever. I was given a chance to check out this new game concept from Articnet and I have to tell you this game was a bit what I expected but even better.

When we think about any RPG in the past either from Kemco or any other publishers, we think about guns, swords, magic, etc. but when I dived in to check out RPGolf Legends, I thought it was just another golf story like many other golf games I played before, but not that involved monsters and vanquishing them with my golf clubs and on top playing on golf courses all around the world to save the world from Monsters.

Well before we start talking about this amazing game, how about we show you a little trailer about the game from Kemco:

golf launch


RPGolf Legends is about an Evil Force that has sealed all the golf courses all around the world, and you encounter a golf fairy by joining forces embarkingark on a golf adventure journey to save golf in the world. The people living in the world can’t do anything during their free time, because the only sport they love and want to do is play golf and they can’t do it because all the courses are sealed up by evil forces.

The protagonist of the game is Aerin, an aspiring golfer who wants to try something new like fishing, and instead, she fishes up a golf fairy in the shape of a magical golf club. By taking energy from defeated monsters, the fairy can break the barrier sealed on the golf course so people can once again play golf.


Golf is a game that requires skills and patience, but also whenever you watch or play golf, there are always those moments where it is the difference between winning and losing. RPGolf Legends has some great moments of both winning and losing, one of those moments is the amount of freedom you have to explore the world besides just focusing on the main storyline.

As you continue to unlock courses after courses, you have more of the area opened up a new point of interest but also unlock side quests, and these side quests can help players get better or even give you amazing rewards to survive in the world of RPGolf Legends.

Pretty much the goal of the game is to open courses around the world, and these courses have different terrain and wind speed factor just like how real golf is played, on top of that you get to bash monsters with your golf club and enemies have a really good respawn timer where there is hardly any moment where the player will be taking a break unless they are a safe zone.

Another thing to remember when players golf you can’t fight monsters and when you fight monsters, you won’t be able to golf, so Golfing and Fighting monsters are two different purposes but they work well together in this game.



RPGolf Legends is a 2D pixel JRPG where you run around a fantasy world slaying monsters so you can play golf. Pixel art is a classic technique for many classic RPGs and looking at this brings back so many wonderful and fun memories of enjoying a game that is rich with story and is colorful.

The audio from playing the golf and fighting the monster is simple just like another classic JRPG and even though it is not something that will blow your mind but it does have a reminisce feeling to it, especially if you are a player who has been gaming for a long time back on the original Nintendo or PlayStation system.

For the controls of this game, it was easy to master and simple to play, like any new game it just takes time to get used to, but it still follows the same playstyle when it comes to RPG in the past.



Do you like Golf? Do you wish there was a game that has a golf story with some Fantasy world RPG elements in it? If you answer yes to this then RPGolf Legends is your answer.

It was my answer when I first picked it up and played it on my switch. The game has so much love it in from classic JRPG in the past with a mix of modern day infused into the game. The game is rich with story and not too long dialogues, but full of contents that the player for sure will never have time to rest or say “I am bored” because how can you be bored between fighting monsters and also playing golf, it almost like two different games features infused in one place.

Sometimes I like to just relax and play some golf but then there are times I be like I want to go explore and fight some monsters or find the hidden treasure, and this game provides everything a player needs to have fun and enjoy. You might even try to play some more realistic scenario using golf launch monitor, but at the end of the day that is each person preference.

If you are someone who loves a game in a fantasy world full of Monsters and golfing in a 2D colourful pixel world, then this is something for you, what are you waiting for? It is almost playing two different games.

If you want to check out the game, here is the Website:

I have ably reviewed RPGolf Legends on Nintendo Switch with a copy provided by the publisher.



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