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Back to Bed Review

Back to Bed

Release: December 22, 2016
Publisher: Bedtime Digital Games
Developer: Bedtime Digital Games
Genre: Indie, Puzzle


Great About Rating
8.5 - Gameplay
8.5 - Video
8.5 - Audio

One of the best things about Indies is that they are not afraid of being weird. Indies generally take more chances than third party developers and create games that are unique and interesting. Not all of these unique and interesting games are good, but I love how Indies are willing to experiment. Take, for instance, Back to Bed for Wii U. You would not see a third party, maybe not even a first party developer, create a game about saving a sleepwalker. But an Indie studio, Bedtime Digital Games, has created a puzzle game about saving a sleepwalker from walking off a ledge. Its a unique and strange concept. Is it a good game though?

Back to Bed has a very good story. It is a simple story, told in a simple way via drawings with words, and it works so well. A concept this strange needed a story this weird and the developer delivered on it. I liked the ending to the story too. But what about the gameplay? Is Back to Bed a good game?


You need to get Bob back to bed every level. This main objective in Back to Bed never changes, however the way in which you have to get him back to his bed does get more complicated with every level. Back to Bed is a very challenging game at times, but its also a really fun game too.

Back to Bed will make you think and get you to use apples and fish in ways you never thought you would. You’ll have two worlds and several levels in each to save Bob in. There are also two Nightmare versions of each worlds. I do wish Back to Bed had a little more content. I did have a lot of fun with what was included though. And part of the reason I had so much fun was because Back to Bed has good controls.

The controls in Back to Bed are very good for the most part. Controlling your character is simple and so is moving the apples and fish. There is one odd thing that takes a bit of getting use to. When you start the game, you’ll find that the B button is the confirm button and the A button is the back button. Its a small thing, but most games use the A button to confirm that you want to start a game or level.

Also it should be noted that while Back to Bed does have Off-TV play, it does not have Off-tv sound. So the Off-TV experiance with Back to Bed isn’t great. That said, the game does look great on and off the TV.


Back to Bed has excellent graphics. The character design in Back to Bed is especially good. I do wish there was a little bit more variety as far as backgrounds. There are two worlds but both of them look pretty similar to each other, just with different objects and some larger levels to walk around in here and there.

Oh and I have I mentioned how much I like this game’s cutscenes? They are just static images but they look so good! Back to Bed is one of the best looking puzzle games I’ve seen.

Meanwhile, the music in Back to Bed is very strange. Even weirder is the sound effects. But what do you expect? Back to Bed is a strange game. Its also a great puzzle game.


Back to Bed sounds like a really weird puzzle game and it definitly is that, but its also a really great puzzle game too. Only an Indie studio could bring us such a unique concept that also has a good story, fun gameplay, and great graphics.

There are a few things that I wish were better, like the amount of content, the lack of Off-TV sound and a little more variety with the backgrounds. Overall, though, I enjoyed Back to Bed and I think you will too. Don’t sleep on Back to Bed. Bob needs your help!

Thanks to Bedtime Digital Games for the review of this game. Back to Bed is currently available on the Wii U eshop.


  • Unique Concept
  • Good Story
  • Excellent graphics
  • Very Good controls


  • Could Use More Modes
  • No Off-TV Sound


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