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6180 The Moon Review

6180 The Moon

Release: February 25, 2016
Publisher: Turtle Cream
Developer: Turtle Cream
Genre: Action, Platformer


Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
7.5 - Audio

What if the Moon set off on a journey to find the sun? Does that sound like a strange concept? What if I told you this was the concept of a video game for the Wii U? The game is 6180 the Moon. Let me tell you more about it!

The Moon sets off to find the sun and so begins 6180 the Moon’s story. It is a unique and interesting story. Short cutscenes with written dialogue appear throughout the game and all of them are well written. 6180 has an interesting concept that’s thankfully complimented by really good gameplay.


6180 the Moon uses both the TV screen and the gamepad screen to create a experience that takes advantage of the Wii U in a good way. You have to pay attention to the TV screen and gamepad while playing this game. 6180 is a platformer/puzzle game where you have to dodge different obstacles on the TV and the gamepad. The Moon travels back and forth between the TV and the gamepad areas, which makes 6180 a very tricky and challenging game at times. The game is definitely providing an experience that you won’t find on other home consoles. The developer did a really good job with the gameplay. The unique gameplay does come at a small cost though. There is no Off-TV play with this game. I’m not even sure how off-TV could be pulled off. Thankfully, the game does have excellent controls. The controls are easy to learn, though as previously mentioned that doesn’t mean the game is easy. Still, overall, I enjoyed my time with 6180 the Moon.


6180 The Moon has pretty simplistic graphics. That doesn’t mean the graphics are bad though. In fact, I really enjoyed the game’s visuals and think that it fit the gameplay well.

I do wish, however, that the game had a better soundtrack. On the TV screen, there is a non-annoying but totally forgettable music track. On the gamepad, there is a slight sound effect when the Moon “dies”. Its too bad there are no sound effects on the TV. Overall, I’d say that sound was the weakest part of 6180 the Moon. Though, its not the worst soundtrack I’ve ever heard.


6180 the Moon is a good game. It is well worth your attention, especially if you like puzzle platformers. 6180 can be tricky and a bit hard at times and that might be something some people don’t like. I think that the gameplay and the graphics are good though. I also like that the game uses the Gamepad in a unique way. I do wish the 6180’s soundtrack was better and I miss Off-TV, but I don’t have too many other complaints. 6180 The Moon is a unique experience for the Wii U and you should look into it if you want a different kind of puzzle platformer.

Thank you to the developer for providing a review code of 6180 the Moon. The game is out now on the Wii U eshop.


  • Good Gameplay
  • Excellent Use of the Gamepad
  • Unique Story
  • Nice Visuals


  • Audio Could Be Better
  • Difficulty May Turn Some People Off
  • No Off-TV Play


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