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First Look Review For Police Simulator: Patrol Officers (Xbox)

It’s Finally Here

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Patrol officer? Well, now you can experience that feeling now that Police Simulator: Patrol Officers developed by Aesir Interactive and published by Astragon Entertainment GmbH has finally been released and is here on Console. The game originally was released on Steam back in 2021 as early access but now that early access is not only finished on PC but it got a world release on console as well for both the Xbox and Playstation both veterans and new players will be able to check out this new simulator


As you start the game, you get to pick your character and name before you start your first day of patrolling the street. As you progress every day you will get to pick which district you want to patrol and each district is different when it comes to whether you can patrol by foot or vehicle and on top. You also get bonus SP points for certain districts depending on what kind of duty you have to do, either giving out tickets for parked vehicles that have expired license plates or parking in the wrong spot.


For each patrol you get to decide how long you want to work during your shift, some can be done within 20 minutes or you can go as long as 45 minutes or more. Most of the shifts I have been taking have been 45 minutes because I want to get as much bonus as I can get for SP. Each shift makes you work, because you never know what to expect, there can be so many crimes from littering to a car accident, that is one thing that makes this game amazing because of all the different stuff you can do.  SP is similar to exp where the more you earned, the more you level up to unlock more resources you can use during your shift.

Driving around with a vehicle and pulling cars over is so much fun, especially when someone decides to go past the red light. If you ever watch tv shows or movies with a police officer pulling people over and asking for License and Registration, it is the same in the game. The game is so realistic that it follows the same procedures for each situation, and the UI system that allows you to make all the different choices was very easy to navigate and understand.


In Police Simulator: Patrol Officers you have a ton of freedom, it is like an open-world sandbox where you can decide what shifts, and districts you want to patrol, and what kind of crimes you can find during your patrols. However, this experience can also be enjoyable in multiplayer because it is not easy to patrol the streets alone, and sometimes you need a partner to watch your back. And Patrol officers always have a partner, so you can invite your friend to join you in the game to help you during your shift.


The level design and world environment felt realistic, even though I know that the game was developed using an Unreal engine, it looks beautiful from the building to the cars and even the character designs. It felt like I was immersed in the city. I saw a couple of hiccups where some of the parked vehicles were stuck on the road pavement, and the tires were going through the pavement however everything else has been smooth. One moment in the game when my character had to investigate and write up an accident report, every detail of the accident was on point, especially the damage marker.

The audio was at the point where it felt like I was in the city, from all the cars honking because of traffic, or turning on the sirens of my patrol car when my character had to pull someone on the side. All the characters were voiced because when it comes to being a patrol officer there have to be many questions and procedures. After all, that is how investigations work. Every sound from people talking to the world environment sounds makes this game feel alive and enjoyable.


Usually, when it comes to the controls in simulator games, the controls can be complicated or unhelpful because there is so much to do compared to other games. For Police Simulator Patrol officers the tutorial was super helpful at every step and I didn’t have any problem knowing what buttons to use and how to navigate the UI system, I was able to perform my duties as a police officer in the game and handle almost every situations without an issue.


Even though driving in the game was not too bad, the controls were quite easy and simple. And I didn’t have any problems navigating the streets and following cars. I didn’t want to speed too much unless it was an emergency, so I just follow the speed limits and the street rules. I learn my lesson after my patrol car got into an accident because I was texting while driving and I had to fill out the accident report.

More News

Even after the release of Police Simulator Patrol officers, the biggest question is what is coming afterward. When it comes to simulator games, you will see a few posts of content or updates because it is never over, and that is one thing I love about simulator games. Simulator games tend to keep growing and growing with post-DLC content or updates, which is one reason gamers always look forward. With regards to Police Simulator, we get to see that, there would be more quality-of-life updates but also new changes, and we have a glimpse of the roadmap of what to expect in Q2 2023.




From Playing Police Simulator Patrol Officers for a couple of days, I enjoyed playing it on PC when it got released and it was fantastic. I can say the same thing for playing it on a console, one thing I do enjoy is getting to play multiplayer with my friends because I didn’t get that experience on PC because the majority of people I played with is on the console. The game is full of life, from civilians walking and doing their everyday walks, or vehicles just driving by, it was a city life experiment and I had a lot of fun exploring and enjoying the game. One of my favorite parts of the game would have to be driving around and that is something I felt realistic because this is what I feel like a patrol officer’s life is all about.

After all, you never know what to expect. This is a simulator game that I can say many gamers would enjoy because it is a great game to get an inside look at the life of a Patrol officer.

Overall: 8.0

Visuals: 8.0
Audio: 8.0
Gameplay: 8.0

Police Simulator: Patrol officers
Platforms: Xbox, Playstation, PC
Developer: Aesir Interactive
Publisher: Astragon Entertainment GmbH
Release Date: 10th November 2022

A Review copy was provided by the Publisher 


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