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Kid Tripp Review

Kid Tripp

Release: August 27, 2017
Publisher: Four Horses
Developer: Four Horses
Genre: Action, Adventure, Nintendo 3DS Reviews, Other, Platformer


Worth a Play About Rating
7.0 - Gameplay
7.0 - Video
7.0 - Audio

I’ve played some good games in the runner genre and some bad ones too. Runners can be fun, despite the lack of control in movement, and there can be a lot of challenge and surprise to them. Kid Tripp is runner for the 3DS. Is it a good one, a bad one, or a just ok one?

Kid Tripp doesn’t have a real story. There is an introduction cutscene before you press start that shows you the main character crashing and getting chased by monsters, but thats it. Of couse with any platformer/runner, the real question is: does it have good gameplay?


As I mentioned before, Kid Tripp is a runner. You don’t control the forward movement of your character. The only thing you control is his jumping and shooting at enemies. The gameplay is pretty basic but that doesn’t mean its easy. In fact, Kid Tripp can be frustrating. The constant moving means that you have to use the jump button and sometimes carefully placed ledges that stop your movement to dodge hazards.

Kid Tripp’s gameplay all comes down to timing. This is a challenging game. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Some people like having a challenge and those people will embrace this game. Other people would rather just have a fun game. Kid Tripp can be fun, but mostly its just challenging. This game does have achievements though and that gives you a sense of accomplishment when you beat a level or do something special.

I’m also glad that this game has good controls for jumping and shooting. You are given several different button options for those tasks. My preferred control scheme was using A to jump and X to shoot. It was tricky to do things that way but it worked for me. I’m sure other people will find out what control scheme they like best.

Unfortunately, Kid Tripp does not use the 3DS second screen at all. I think this game is fine without touch screen use but I do wish they had used the second 3DS screen somehow. Its so strange just having the screen be black and seems a missed opportunity for menus (listing the achievements?) and/or keeping track of the world you are in.

These might seem like very small additions but using the second screen of the 3DS makes a game feel more like a 3DS game and less of a port of a game from some other system.

Kid Tripp, overall, is a pretty simple game and despite its frustrating challenge and lack of second screen use, it is a good one. And it definitly doesn’t hurt that the graphics are good!


Kid Tripp has simple but good retro graphics. The pixal art for the main character and all the enemies are especially nice. The backgrounds of each level/world are well done too. This is definitly a good looking game. The game looks good in 3D also. There is a sense of depth to each of the levels.

Kid Trip isn’t a game that’ll win awards for its graphics, but it is a nice trip down memory lane.

The game’s soundtrack is very old school too. The sound effects and music are like something you would have found out of a game like Kid Icarus or other retro 2D platformers. Its all neat, but not memorable. Kid Tripp, overall, is a good game despite its flaws.


Kid Tripp is a frustrating game at times, but the different worlds, enemies, and obstacles make it a fun one too. I would have prefered that this game wasn’t a runner. I think it still would have been a challenging game. Even so, I think some people will like this game a lot. They may like it even more than me.

The kid is alright. If you like runners and you’re up for a challenge, give Kid Tripp a try.

Thanks to Four Horses for providing a review copy of Kid Tripp. The game is now available on the 3DS eshop.


  • Good graphics
  • Multiple control schemes
  • Achievements


  • Can Be Frustrating
  • Forgettable Soundtrack
  • Lack of Second Screen Use





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