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RPG Maker FES Review


Release: June 27, 2017
Publisher: NIS America
Developer: Kadokawa
Genre: Nintendo 3DS Reviews, Other, Role-playing
PEGI: 10+
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Worth a Play About Rating
7.0 - Gameplay
7.0 - Video
7.0 - Audio

Have you ever wanted to create your own RPG adventure? RPG Maker FES from NIS America gives you the tools to create an RPG of your own. I’ve been playing RPG Maker for awhile now and I’m ready to give my opinon on the game. Will you want to create an RPG with RPG Maker FES?


In RPG Maker FES, you create the story. There is no sample story to edit. All of the words and story will come from you. Will it be a good story? I hope so, cause I want to play your games!

As for the tools to create said games, well, things get quite a bit complicated here. There is no tutorial like we saw in Super Mario Maker. There is a digital manual but it is just as complicated as the game itself. I really wish there had been a tutorial. That would have helped a lot!

I have learned some of the tools of this game, but I still find myself struggling with other tools. You can create a world map, a town, indoor houses, and dungeons. There are samples of each that you can edit and this will help people ease into the game, however there is still too many other tools that you need to learn in order to create a full rpg.

There are many things to like about the game though. There are a lot of different people, town items, dungeons, and world map things to choose from. There are so many options for this game and I think that some neat games will be created via this maker.

The rpgs that you will create will be old school rpgs like you’d find in the SNES era. The battles are in first person, like NES Dragon Quest. Some people will like that, while others won’t. I thought its worked pretty well. Thankfully, RPG Maker FES does have good controls despite how complicated its creation mode is.

The controls in this game work really well. The touch screen Maker interface, especially, is responsive and its easy to place things on the maps. The controls for walking around are good, especially if you use the D-Pad. All the rpg gameplay controls work well too. The game’s controls are not complicated, its the creation content itself and how to make your rpg that might frustrate some people.

RPG Maker FES isn’t for newbies. The game is for rpg players that have said “hey, I could make a game better than that.” Well, here’s your chance. The tools provided may be complicated but the game itself is good and I can see some great rpgs coming out of this. Thankfully, you can upload your game to FES’s online server and other people can download it!

There will also be DLC available for this game when it comes out and that’ll help this game keep going and add to the variety of rpgs that we see online

Right now, the graphics and sound in this game are not spectacular, but I still think you can create a cool rpg if you have the patience and talent.


The graphics in RPG Maker FES are 2D, 16-bit style graphics. They are not the best graphics in the world, but they are not bad either. There is actually a lot of detail put into the towns and various other environments. Many of the heroes and villains of this game are bit generic, but they definitely could be worse. Overall, its not a bad looking game and gets the job done.

The music and sound effects in the game are alright. Some tunes and effects are better than others. None of the music or sound effects are particularly memorable though. However, with both the graphics and music, we might end up seeing some DLC content for this game is be better than whats already provided.

RPG Maker FES, as it is right now, is a good game. Its not a game for casual players or people who just started playing rpgs. This is a game for hardcore rpg fans and people who like to design games.


RPG Maker FES could be better, but it could be far worse too. I wish the game had tutorials to help newbies and that some of the tools were a little more streamlined. I think the game’s graphics and sound could be better too, but perhaps DLC will spice things up a little. That said, the game has good controls and provides a lot of content already for people to mess around with.

The most exciting thing, to me, is to see people upload their rpgs. I’m not that great at creating rpgs yet. I may never be. However, I think there will be some talented people who get this game! I can’t wait to see what they do. I will definitely write a More Thoughts From Me column in the future that looks at some RPG Maker FES rpgs.

I recommend this game for hardcore rpg fans and people who like to design games. I think they’ll have fun with it.

Thanks to NIS America for providing a review code of this game. RPG Maker FES will be available on the 3DS eshop and via retail on June 27th. There will also be a free RPG Maker Player available via the 3DS eshop on the same day.


  • A lot of content
  • Good controls
  • Can upload games online


  • No tutorial
  • Only for a specific audience
  • Graphics & Sound Could Be Better


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