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Infinite Dunamis Review

Infinite Dunamis

Release: May 26, 2016
Publisher: Kemcos
Developer: EXE-Create
Genre: Indie, Nintendo 3DS Categories, Nintendo 3DS Reviews, Role-playing
PEGI: 10+


Rent it About Rating
6.0 - Gameplay
6.0 - Video
7.0 - Audio

Infinite Dunamis is the latest rpg from Kemco for the 3DS. I’m very happy that the company continues to bring rpgs to the system. How good is Infinite Dunamis? Here’s my review!

Infinite Dunamis has an interesting story, especially in the beginning, and there are some good plot twists. However, I thought the game’s dialogue was very stiff and its humor seemed forced. I didn’t feel any real connection to most of the characters either. Worst of all, I didn’t like the game’s main protagonist! He was very unlikable. I did like the game’s human/robot character, but felt that even she could have been better developed as a character. And then there’s Infinite Dunamis gameplay, which is a bit of a mixed bag too.


Infinite Dunamis is your typical turn-based role playing game. The game has a good battle system, the random battles are not too annoying, and I like that you learn abilities from weapons. But, at times, Dunamis does seem like a paint by numbers rpg. There is a cool upgrade system for one of your characters that I haven’t seen anywhere else, but other than that, there isn’t much that separates Dunamis from other rpgs out there. Infinite Dunamis gameplay gets a bit bland after awhile because we’ve seen a lot of other rpgs do the same things as this game and do it better. Traveling town to town seems too typical and there isn’t anything special about any of the towns or dungeons. However, the game does have good controls, even so I do wish it made more use of the 3DS’s capabilities.

The controls in Infinite Dunamis work well. The game plays best with the D-pad, although the analog stick works fine too. Walking around does seem a bit floaty at times, but it isn’t a major issue. I do wish that the game used the touch screen to navigate the menus and that the bottom screen’s map was more detailed then it is. Though, it is nice have even Dunamis basic map on the bottom screen. The problem with Infinite Dunamis is nothing technical. The game doesn’t have any major glitches that I noticed. No, the problem with Dunamis is that its a bit generic and thats most evident with the game’s graphics.


The graphics in Infinite Dunamis will remind you of a Super Nintendo rpg. And not one of the better ones either, more like one of the more generic SNES rpgs. The level of variety in towns and dungeons isn’t that great. The enemies repeat a lot too. The battles look the best of anything in the game. I wouldn’t say this is the worst looking rpg I’ve ever seen, though its far from the best.

Infinite Dunamis has pretty good music. I enjoyed most of it, especially when the music became more intense for battles. I’d say the game’s sound effects were ok. Overall, Infinite isn’t a bad game.


Infinite Dunamis is not a bad game, however it is a bit of a bland rpg. The story is interesting but the characters and game’s dialogue don’t back the story up very well. The game’s graphics are generic too. However, the game does have a good battle, a unique upgrade system for your robot, and an very good soundtrack. There are things to like about Infinite Dunamis, but the game definitely could have been better too. If you are a turn-based rpg fan, you may find some enjoyment with this game.

Thank you to Kemco for providing me with a review copy of Infinite Dunamis. The game is currently available on the 3DS eshop!


  • Good Battle System
  • Unique Robot Upgrade System
  • Interesting Story
  • Very good soundtrack


  • Stiff Dialogue
  • Unlikable Characters
  • Generic Graphics
  • Bland Rpg


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