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Machine Knight Review

Machine Knight

Release: February 15, 2018
Publisher: Kemco
Developer: Hit-Point Co Ltd
Genre: Adventure, Nintendo 3DS Reviews, Role-playing


Worth a Play About Rating
7.0 - Gameplay
7.0 - Video
7.0 - Audio

There are not too many developers releasing 3DS eshop games at anymore. Most of the developers have switched over to the Switch. One of the developers that it is still putting out games for the 3DS is KEMCO. Their newest game for the system is called Machine Knight. It is a jrpg. What do I think of it? Read on to find out!


Machine Knight has an interesting story, although I do wish it had a little less dialogue. The game tends to over explain things and keep you reading for longer then you should. That said, Machine Knight has good gameplay and thats what will keep you playing even if you don’t care for the story or dialogue.


If you love jrpgs and have a 3DS, then you may already be a KEMCO fan. They put out a lot of good rpgs and sometimes great ones (like Dragon Sinker). And Machine Knight is another good one. Its not exactly at Dragon Sinker’s level, but there are a lot good things about Machine Knight.

The leveling up system in this game, a board that lets you increase levels not just on your person but also on ablities, is very good. I also like how at a certain point in the game you’ll get a map that lets you fast travel back to places that you’ve been before. I wish more old school rpgs had this feature! Machine Knight also has a good turn-based battle system and nice overworld map.

I do wish there were more variety in the enemies in the game and some other extra features that made Machine Knight standout from other jrpgs.

Machine Knight does have excellent controls though. I like the analog/button controls the most, though I think its great that you can play this game via the touch screen if you want! The menus work really well with the touch screen. You can even touch somewhere on the map (yes the touch screen has a very handy map) and the characters will walk there. The map will also let you know where all the items in a town or room are with a yellow mark. This is really handy, though I suppose some people won’t like it because they just want to discover stuff. My advise: don’t look at the map!

Overall, Machine Knight is a good game and it has good graphics too!


Machine Knight has a nice, SNES retro look to it. I do wish there were a bit more variety in the environments, especially the towns. I thought all of the characters were well designed though.

As for the games music, its not bad. I don’t recommend having the volume for the music turned all the way up though. Sometimes the music can get a bit over dramatic and loud. The sound effects for this game areĀ  what you’d expect from a retro rpg and thats not a bad thing either.

Machine Knight is a good rpg that will help pass the time while players wait for some of the bigger rpgs that are coming to the 3DS (and Nintendo Switch!).


Machine Knight is a good jrpg. If you like this genre and need a new filler rpg, then Machine Knight may be for you. Yes, there are some things that could be better about the game, but an interesting story, a very good battle system, and some nice modern conveniences like fast travel make it a game that jrpg fans might want to check out between the bigger jrpg offerings that are on the way. There are not a lot of games coming out for the 3DS right now though. I’m glad KEMCO is still putting out games for the system!

Thanks to KEMCO for providing a review copy of this game. Machine Knight is currently available on the 3DS eShop.



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