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Lego Bricktales Review (Xbox)

Lego Games have always been a joy to play over the years and seeing a brand-new Lego video game always brings smiles and excitement to all ages. Building Lego Sets every year, and playing Lego video games are part of my life, because this is where I can become as creative as I can be. Lego Bricktales developed by ClockStone and Published by Thunderful is the latest installment and I have to say, I had a really fun time playing it. But before I start my take on this amazing creative game, here is the trailer for Lego Bricktales:

Lego Bricktales is an adventure game set across five different biomes. The game begins with you receiving a letter from your genius inventor Grandpa. It goes on with Grandpa asking for your help to rebuild his beloved amusement park because it is on the verge of being closed down by the mayor. To repair the amusement park, you too use alien technology but to use it, it needs power. Not electricity or gas, but it needs Happiness crystals. Happiness Crystals can be found by helping people with their problems and also making them happy, but not to worry you not going along on this grand adventure, you will be accompanied by Rusty, a robot that your Grandpa invented many years ago.


Lego Bricktales Gameplay

Throughout Lego Bricktales you will be able to travel across 5 different Lego-built biomes, each biome is unique and beautifully designed so you will forget that the entire biome was made out of Lego bricks. In each biome, you will encounter an NPC who needs some assistance. By helping them you will get the happiness crystals that you are looking for to power the alien technology to repair Grandpa’s amusement park.

Lego Bricktales is surrounded and filled with so many different puzzles, and every puzzle you complete will give you access to certain areas of the map. These puzzles will be solved using the Brick-by-brick building mechanic and you will be able to construct stairs or bridges, even constructing a gyrocopter, and much more. Throughout each biome, there are these hammer icons you will find and these are how you begin the puzzle construction project, and this is where your creativity will shine.

After completing these puzzles and construction projects, you will return to the biomes world, and you will have access to the new area. When you complete one of the hammer spots, it unlocks a sandbox mode where you can completely get more creative a build a completely different design from your first one.

Like any different Lego video game, there are levels of stuff to collect through each level, you will be able to find little Lego Creatures to collect and hidden chests. With these items, you will be able to expand your wardrobe for your mini-figure character and you will be able to customize from a huge selection of parts inspired by the different worlds you visit as your progress through the storyline.



The level design of the biomes and Lego mini-figures are well designed sometime forget that you are playing a Lego Video Game. Every Lego Video Game brings out creativity and colors, and for Lego Bricktales it did for each biome. The UI display for the construction puzzle project was done so well that I could work on each construction puzzle project easily.

While working through each puzzle and exploring the world of Lego Bricktales, you will enjoy the smooth and chill music of Lego Bricktales where you can complete your puzzle projects that take your mind at ease and let your many creativity come alive.

I didn’t have many problems with the controls that I was able to navigate to get my Lego bricks and start building them from all different angles, the tutorial controls, and UI system were awesome.


Lego Bricktales is a game that will take you on a magical journey exploring different worlds and bringing out your inner creativity throughout the game and will be loved by everyone of all ages, and I have to I have played many different Lego Video games in the past, but this one is pretty unique in its way because it is like you are building the road to the story of the game. Every puzzle is like a stepping stone that will lead you to your ultimate goal which is to rebuild your Grandpa’s love. The construction puzzle and building brick-by-brick feature are one of my favorites because it challenges your creativity, but above all the game looks fantastic even though you know the entire world was built with Lego bricks.

Overall: 8.0

Visuals: 8.0
Audio: 8.0
Gameplay: 8.0

LEGO Bricktales 

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Playstation 4/5, PC
Developer: Clockstone
Publisher: Thunderful 
Release Date: 12th October 2022

A Review copy was provided 


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