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Godzilla PS3 TGS Gameplay Released


Other than a fairly decent web-based shooter (with no shooting), Godzilla hasn’t been in a video game for an awfully long time. That is about to change, with a PS3 title coming out in Japan later this year, and likely worldwide. This week the publisher,¬†Bandai Namco, released some gameplay footage to show exactly what we can expect from the title.

At first glance Godzilla¬†might not seem overly impressive, but, this being the internet, it’s received more than its fair share of positivity. Exclusive to PlayStation 3, the game seems to consist of walking around very slowly and hitting stuff. There’s a special appearance of a different monster at the end of the clip – a nice hint of what other creatures might lurk in later levels – but even that seems to just be made up of random hit animations.

It’s not really all that surprising that the title looks less than perfect. Something like this was never going to sell a billion copies, and those that are talking about it on the internet are most likely not actually going to buy it. Still, if nothing else, Godzilla will likely give the fans of less-than-perfect games something to look forward to in the run up to Christmas.


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