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New horror game ‘Master Reboot’ coming to PS3 next month

Wales Interactive have today announced a new horror game coming to PS3 next month entitled Master Reboot.

Master Reboot

With the promise of original ideas, uneasy and unsettling gameplay and unique visuals, Master Reboot has the potential to be a surprise hit for the small Welsh development team.

The game is a first-person adventure set in a futuristic sci-fi fantasy world. The synopsis of the plot may leave some scratching their head. It’s something about buying property on a Soul Cloud to reveal memories from the deceased. At the beginning of the game your memories get uploaded to the cloud, but something goes wrong, and you end up stranded on a beach with memory loss. Exploring and solving puzzles are just some of the things you face as you uncover the truth behind your amnesia. Expect some scares along the way too.

It sounds interesting to say the least. Maybe even ‘Remember Me’-ish. In all honestly, it may just be one of those games that you need to play to understand. If you’re played the PC version, you’d know what to expect (obviously).

Managing Director of Wales Interative David Banning (don’t make him angry) gave us some insight of what to expect from the title.

I think ‘less is more’ in our gameand we’ve taken the horror genre indifferent direction and steered away from blood, guts and violence. I can honestly say there is nothing quite like Master Reboot out there – it’s definitely a game that needs to be experienced.

Only PS3 was mentioned in his post, but I wouldn’t rule out  a PS4 release just yet. With it being their first console game, a PS4 release may be financially beneficial for Wales Interactive.

Master Reboot will be available for PS3 on February 19th.


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