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Verily, Unmatched: Slings and Arrows Will Have You Cry Havoc in 2024

blankThe latest set of Unmatched: Slings and Arrows features William Shakespeare and three of his compelling characters.Sunrise, FL – March 4, 2024. Today, Restoration Games announced details of the next Unmatched set, Slings and Arrows. In addition to William Shakespeare, the set includes Hamlet, Titania, and the Wayward Sisters as playable heroes. The heroes are brought to life by the incomparable art of Zoë van Dijk, who illustrated Battle of Legends, Vol. 2. The battlefield, the world-renowned Globe Theater, was illustrated by Nastya Lehn.The set will be available for preorder the company’s website ( on March 4 (shipping early May) and will include a free foil promo version of one of the set’s cards. The retail release date is June 12.Unmatched: Slings and Arrows features two decks that were entries in the design contest Restoration Games held in 2020. William Shakespeare was one of the winning decks, designed by Jonathan Guberman, and rewards players for completing lines in iambic pentameter. The Wayward Sisters deck was a runner-up and designed by Jason Hager, one of the designers of the recent cooperative version, Unmatched Adventures. This multi-hero deck brings the witches potion machinations to life with cunning coordination.Slings and Arrows has such a vibrant theme with some of the most compelling characters in all of literature,” said Justin D. Jacobson, president of Restoration Games. “In the vein of the highly successful Cobble & Fog, these heroes will challenge players’ preconceptions about what an Unmatched deck can do and reward them for mastering their unique playstyles.”

We can’t wait to take a look at this one and provide a full review for you when it ships!


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