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Excited for Star Wars Unlimited: Twin Suns Multiplayer

I love playing Trading Card Games (CCGs) but sometimes I’d rather play with more people than just one other person. We have attempted to play games of Disney Lorcana over the past six months with little success. It just doesn’t work. As I’ve watched Fantasy Flight Games show off their Twin Suns multiplayer mode, I’m very excited for a gameplay system that seems like it will work with more than 2 players!


There are a bunch of changes to the core game play when it comes to Twin Suns, including the use of two leaders instead of one, additional tokens that can be taken when players pass, one of which puts damage on all opponents bases, and the other that allows you to draw a card and then place one on the bottom of your deck. Here is a bit direct from Fantasy Flight Games on how these changes will impact the game:

“So, what do the blast and plan counters do? If you claim the blast counter, you immediately deal 1 damage to each opponent’s base. If you claim the plan counter, you immediately draw a card, then place a card from your hand on the bottom of your deck (you can choose to place the card you just drew, if you want).Both of these counters provide an extra bit of strategy during gameplay, and also make the choice of when to claim a counter matter even after someone takes the initiative.”

Another change to the core gameplay is how the decks are built differently. We previously mentioned that decks are built around two leaders instead of one, which will provide players and additional aspect to use when playing cards. There is more to that, however. Here again is a bit from Fantasy Flight Games on how this will work:

“You still include only one base for your Twin Suns deck, and your draw deck must have a minimum of 50 cards, as normal (though this minimum will increase to 80 cards after the release of the game’s fourth set). However, unlike the Premier format, your deck cannot include more than one copy of any card. This applies to leaders, units, events, and upgrades, which means you’ll need to take advantage of the extra aspect provided by your second leader in order to fill your deck with a wide variety of options.”

I love the idea of not being able to have more than one of each card in your deck. This will help balance all the different decks, and require players to make more strategic plays with their leaders and rely less on the chance they pull one of the 4 cards they need (if it was a standard game). I think this levels the playing field and gives everyone a better chance at winning.

I have yet to play a game of Twin Suns yet, but I cannot wait for it! Are you picking up Star Wars Unlimited when it launches March 8th?


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