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New Xbox One Exclusive: Quantum Break

blank A new exclusive title for Xbox One was announced at E3 titled Quantum Break. Created by developers Remedy this action/adventure title looks like it may just be one to watch in terms of new IPs.


Microsoft Making Changes to Xbox Live

Self-publishing on Xbox One Microsoft have announced some major changes coming to Xbox Live, both in the way it works and in the things you'll get for subscribing. Some of these changes have been a long time coming, while others will affect only a small subset of the Xbox Live community. Even so, they're welcome changes and have a lot of potential.


Battlefield 4 screens and info

blank After an awkwardly long wait on stage the new trailer for EA's Battlefield 4 finally got shown at E3 earlier. EA promises a stable 60fps and timed exclusivity of future DLC for the Xbox One.


New Halo Coming 2014

blank Master Chief is returning next year, in a new experience currently just called Halo. The CGI trailer - which we'll add to this post when it's made available by Microsoft - showed Master Chief walking through the desert, his visor cracked and his armour beaten down. The desert wind hits against his iconic green suit (covered only by a sack cloak of sorts), until he arrives in front of a giant mech. The crowd understandably went wild.


Titanfall Announced for Xbox One

blank Respawn Entertainment, a company made up of much of the team that left Infinity Ward after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, officially unveiled the long-awaited Titanfall this evening and the Microsoft 2013 E3 conference. It was much as any fan of Call of Duty might expect - silky smooth multiplayer action with a few clever ideas to really capture the player, keeping them coming back time and time again. There were also mechs. A lot of mechs.


Xbox One Price, Release Date Announced

blank The Microsoft Conference at E3 2013 is now over, and although there were some pretty fantastic announcements in there and plenty of gameplay, perhaps the most important thing announced were the Xbox One price and release date. While a little on the pricey side - especially after the last few weeks of controversy - the release date is far earlier than the rumours would have had us believe and is right in line with the rumoured release date of the PlayStation 4.


State of Decay is Fastest Selling Arcade New IP

blank Zombie adventure State of Decay has become the fastest selling new IP on Xbox Live Arcade after its release last week. It sold 250,000 units in only two days and has continued to sell, hitting that sweet spot between zombie adventure and player-controller narrative that perhaps games like DayZ and The Walking Dead so often just miss. There's no doubt that it's paid off anyway, and that State of Decay will continue to be a must-play title over the coming weeks and months.


Watchdogs E3 2013 trailer released

blank Ubisoft have released a new trailer for one of the most anticipated games of the year, Watchdogs. The trailer was released mere hours before it was set to be shown at E3 in LA.


Saints Row IV Pumps Up the Drama

blank Have the previous entries in the Saints Row series been a little light in the drama department? Is jumping through the window of a plane not enough, do you need a string orchestra and slow motion to really feel moment? That's not going to be a problem with Saints Row IV, at least if this E3 trailer is anything to go by. With a cast of larger-than-life characters and a plot that's almost literally out of this world, Saints Row IV is going to be something new all over again.


New releases this week | June 10th – June 17th

blank Very quite on releases for the following 7 days, possibly due to E3 taking all the limelight this week. The Last Of Us keeps the 'quality over quantity' phrase alive though.