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New Mew Pokemon is… Mewtwo

blank Popular Japanese gaming mag Coro Coro has released information on the Mewtwo-like image of a Pokemon from X and Y that's shaken up the Poke-world. Has Mewtwo cloned himself? Is this the work of Team Rocket? Could this be Mewthree? The truth is perhaps slightly more confusing. The Pokemon that was revealed last week is in fact Mewtwo, just in a different form.


New Forza Horizon Achievements Hint at DLC Challenge Mode

blank Only a few weeks after the end of the season pass, evidence of a new DLC pack for Forza Horizon has surfaced. A set of achievements, most of which mention either medals or challenges, have turned up and certainly seem to imply you'll need to do an awful lot of work if you aim to get them all.


Death Inc. Resurrected Despite Kickstarter Disappointment

blank Death Inc., the rather lovely looking strategy game from Ambient Studios, has managed to find life after Kickstarter. The innovative title from a developer consisting of the people behind LittleBigPlanet, Burnout and Fable failed to scrape together even half of the $300,000 they needed from the crowd funding site, but have announced today that the game will be released anyway. And the good news? If you pre-purchase, you’ll be able to play the alpha version of the game right now.…


Hate Halo Multiplayer? Microsoft Release ODST Campaign Edition for Single Player Fans

blank It's something that some have been asking of Activision and the Call of Duty series for quite some time, but Microsoft are the first to have actually done it. The newly released Halo ODST: Campaign Edition - available now for purchase from the Xbox Marketplace - is a digital-only Games on Demand release, this time without the Halo 3 multiplayer. For the reduced price of 1200 Microsoft Points, players can enter into the Halo world without needing to pay a premium for a section of the game ...


Microsoft Stock at Second Highest in 6 Months Despite Always-on Rumours

blank Microsoft have taken a bashing over the last few weeks, partly because of their flat out refusal to discuss their next console and partly because of the actions of Adam Orth, the Microsoft creative director who took to Twitter in defense of an always online console. The top articles on sites like N4G and Reddit have almost consistently housed articles about why Microsoft are doing things wrong. Why, then, is their stock at almost the highest it's been in six months?


Pokemon X & Y: Mewthree revealed?

blank A mysterious new Mewtwo-esque Pokemon was recently revealed on the official Pokemon website. Could this be a new Mewtwo form, an unexpected evolution or maybe a whole new Pokemon all together? Having stated the fact that: "It is suspected that the newly discovered Pokemon has some sort of connection with the legendary Mewtwo", any of the three theories are plausible. However, this reveal could be more closely related to the new Pokemon games than we think. Having been named "X" ...


Arkham Origins Logo, Packshot Revealed

blank After being revealed by Game Informer, Warner Bros. have sent out a press release confirmed Arkham Origins to any members of the press that might have just missed one of the biggest announcements of the year so far. Alongside the press release, they’ve unveiled the official logo and packshots for the Wii U, PS3, 360 and PC versions of Arkham Origins. There was also an official word on the new game. From the press release: “Batman: Arkham is a huge…


Next Batman Official: Arkham Origins Due October 2013

blank The front cover of May's issue of Game Informer officially reveals the next game in the Batman Arkham series. Arkham Origins has been mentioned in rumours for well over a month now, and the rumours have turned out to be true. The game will take us to before Joker's capture at the beginning of Arkham Asylum, to when Batman was first starting out his crime fighting adventure, and to the first super villains he put down.


Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode Review

blank Originally, Borderlands 2 was not designed with a level cap raise in mind – everything in development was geared towards maxing out at 50. So when thousands of Borderlands 2 gamers had multiple level 50 character a few months (or weeks, in many cases) after release, Gearbox found themselves in a bit of a conundrum: stick to their guns, or go back in and tinker with the math to add more levels?


Welcome to Nintendo’s New Headquarters

blank Although still under construction, some images of Nintendo's new headquarters have come out. Originally announced in 2011 and with construction beginning last year, it has supposedly cost $204 million dollars to built. If you ever asked yourself where all of that DS/3DS money is going, look no further than the grey pillars of the new official Nintendo HQ.