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More Thoughts From Me #93: Mario’s Best Game Yet

Super Mario Odyssey is out now and if you have Switch and you are not playing it, what the heck is wrong with you?! Seriously! You are missing out on the best Nintendo Switch game and the best Mario game yet!


I never thought Nintendo would be able to make a better Mario game than Super Mario Maker, but they have really done it with Super Mario Odyssey. I barely think about Super Mario Maker anymore. Build my own 2D Mario level? Nah. I’d much rather play these amazing 3D Mario levels…plus there are some cool 2D Mario segments in this game too.

Super Mario Odyssey goes beyond any Mario game we’ve seen ever. The levels in this game are so much bigger than previous games (especially New Donk!) and the gameplay is more free, open, and explorable while still feeling like a Mario game thanks to all the platforming that you have to do in the levels. Oh and Cappy is the absolute best companion to Mario ever.

Cappy is the coolest traveling companion that Mario has ever had in my opinion. Throwing the hat is so much fun, especially when using motion controls. Not only that, but taking control of enemies, allies, and sometimes objects is a blast! This is one of the greatest additions to a Mario game that I’ve ever seen. I love how each of the different things that you take control of handles differently and yet still manages to be (mostly) easy to control. There are a couple of things that I can think of that were a bit tricky to handle but I was up to the challenge in the end!

Overall, Odyssey is fun game. Its amazing to explore every level and try to find all the hidden things. There are so many hidden things! Super Mario Odyssey is a blast. Every Mario fan, every Nintendo fan, heck every gamer should get a chance to play this game. Super Mario Odyssey is a must own on Nintendo Switch!

Next week: Lego Marvel 2! Next weeks column will be a little late, most likely Thursday because I want to give you my first impressions of Lego Marvel 2 next week. I get the game on Tuesday! Can’t wait!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I’m going to go play some more Super Mario Odyssey now. I have a ton more Power Moons to find!


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