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More Thoughts From Me #90: Mario’s Odyssey is Almost Here

The Nintendo Switch has had a really big first year: a Zelda game, tons of great Indies, third party games (Skyrim!), and coming very soon: a 3D Mario game! Super Mario Odyssey comes out this month and it could very be the biggest and best to come out for Switch this year. That a pretty bold statement too when you think of Breath of Wild and all the great Indies and third games like Skyrim (not even out yet but man). Odyssey, though, is a really stunning game and I thought before it comes out, that I’d talk about it a bit more. I am so hyped about this game and I’d like to try to explain why!

Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D Mario game, but it is the first fully 3D, open world Mario game ever. Yes we had Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine but we’ve never seen a Mario game as big and open as Mario Odyssey.

Each of the different worlds that we’ve seen so far for Super Mario Odyssey look like they could have been a full game of any past Mario game. I know thats a bold statement but you gotta look at all the footage of these worlds and know that Nintendo isn’t showing us everything. You know they are holding back on some big stuff. I’m pretty sure they haven’t even shown us all of the worlds even.

Super Mario Odyssey is also introducing new villains, new costumes for Mario, and a new, very unique ability  for our mustached main character. As much as I can’t wait to see more of the new villains  and the costumes, it really is the new ability that I’m most excited about.

Mario is able to capture enemies and become those enemies in Super Mario Odyssey! That is such a huge thing. I know so people might think the whole thing with the hat is strange but just think of being able to capture and control a T-Rex, a Bullet Bill, a Hammer Brother, and many other new and old Mario villians (and objects! And people!). Its a stunning new ablity and its going to add so much more new things to do in a Mario game. You will be throwing your hat at different things just to see if you can capture and control them.

This Mario game is going to be about discovery  and exploration more than anything. Sure, there’s platforming, but theres just so many things to find and discover in each of these new worlds and that will be what you are focused on. The capture ability, getting new outfits, finding moons, mini-games, and more. Super Mario Odyssey looks like it’ll be the biggest Mario game ever.

When Super Mario Maker came out, I thought “they’ll never be able to make another 2D Mario game again.” because that game let the player create your own levels. And now that Mario Odyssey is coming, I wonder how in the world will they be able to top this 3D Mario game. And imagine if Odyssey has DLC!

The possibilities for Super Mario Odyssey are limitless. We know that it will be a great game. It could very be the best Mario game ever. The footage they’ve shown already looks amazing. I don’t think that they’ve shown too much either. I don’t think they ever could show too much. Seeing footage is one thing but actually playing the game is totally different. I can’t wait to play this game!

Unfortunately, I will have to wait to play this game. It looks like I won’t be getting Super Mario Odyssey until Christmas. sigh. I don’t know how I’ll survive…

What do you think of Super Mario Odyssey? Which world are you looking forward to the most?

Next week: When will we see an Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch? Yes, I’m talking about AC again and I try to guess when Nintendo will announce the game and what that game might be like!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I’m going to go watch some videos of Super Mario Odyssey now!


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