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Microsoft “Winning” on Multiple Fronts with Xbox Series X and S

If we want to say one major console manufacturer is ‘winning’ over another, the current edge goes to Microsoft and their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Thing is, it’s pretty easy to win when you are technically the only system with a firm pricing structure and release date. But even further than that, Microsoft is starting the next generation off right, in three big ways.


Xbox Series S Pricing

Can you believe it? For 299.99 USD or 379.99 CAD, consumers can jump into the next generation. Sure, the Series S is only rocking 1440 P with 4K up-scaling, and only has a 512 SSD, but are you freaking kidding me? Next generation for under $400, in the smallest Xbox ever created? By providing a ‘lesser’ model, Microsoft will have the corner on the parents this holiday season, perhaps even giving the docked Nintendo Switch a run for it’s money. Even with their discless PS5, I’m not sure Sony can get close to this pricing, meaning Xbox has the cheapest, next-generation console on the market.

Xbox Series X Pricing and Release Date

This morning, Xbox Canada announced that the Xbox Series X would be available in Canada on November 10th, for the reasonable price of 599.99 (499.99 USD). In a weird twist, Canadians are actually getting a BETTER deal on Xbox Series X than those in the US, when you factor in the Canadian-US dollar comparison. At 499.99 USD, the current rate in Canada would be around 660.00. Getting at 599.99 is a big win for Canadians.

Coupled with the announcement of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Xbox fans are going to be pretty happy on November 10th!

EA Play Coming to Xbox Game Pass

We’ve said it before in numerous articles – Xbox Game Pass is the best deal in gaming, but even that couldn’t save Xbox One from it’s own fate. With the Series X and Series S, Xbox gets to start on a level playing field with the competition, and it’s got yet another incredible advantage over the competition. Games, games, and more free* games. *with a paid subscription of course! Not only are we getting Xbox Game Pass titles, but EA ones as well via EA Play, being added to Game Pass at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Your move, Sony.


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