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More Thoughts From Me #31: The Year of the 3DS

In July, the 3DS sold more units than the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One in North America. Many have been trying to say that Pokemon Go had something to do with that. I suppose it may have had a little bit to do with it, but the truth is, that the 3DS has been doing a lot better than the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One for a long time now. The 3DS has more games than either system and better quality games too. Sure, its been out longer than those two systems, but the 3DS isn’t showing any sign of slowing down or being replaced (unlike the PS4 and Xbox One which are already getting replacements). 2016 is the year of the 3DS.


No Man’s Sky for 3DS was a major release for the 3DS. A lot of people have been saying that the Pokemon Go app was the reason that people were flocking to the 3DS, but I think it was No Man’s Sky. How can you not want to play that game?! The turn-based battle system alone is awesome. The online multiplayer is pretty innovate though and I really liked the integration of Miis too.

That said, No Man Sky’s is only the beginning of the year of the 3DS. The new Final Fantasy is right around the corner, along with Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Uncharted, and more. Nintendo has a killer lineup for the 3DS this year!

The title I’m most excited about for the 3DS is Dragon Quest Builders though. A Minecraft Dragon Quest game on the 3DS?! Wow. And I hear that the New 3DS version will be the superior version. I will definitely be getting the superior version since I have a New 3DS. I have to say, though, that I’m less excited about the new Final Fantasy game.

What is Square Enix thinking?! A Final Fantasy game with all moogles and cutesy graphics?! And its not a spinoff title either! This is Final Fantasy 15 for goodness sake. I can’t believe Nintendo and Square Enix teamed up for this game! Of course, I know, I should wait and see. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a good game. The turn-based battles do look better than the previous games action based fighting…

But what about Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Uncharted? Well, I’m not thrilled with the new Resident Evil and its zombie bunnies. I also think the new Tomb Raider is going to offend some people by making Lara Croft into a ghostbuster. Who thought that was a good idea?! I do have some hope for the new Uncharted game though.

Uncharted 1-3 was pretty good. I think the 2D style was nice, but I’m glad that the game is finally going 3D with the newest version. Nathan Drake looks cool and I think that Mario as his sidekick isn’t a bad idea. I know there are many people who are against it, but the new platforming action looks great and Mario raiding tombs is hilarious. This could be game of the year material folks!

Speaking of game of the year material, I should definitely mention the new God of War for 3DS. Oh my god. Wow. And I can’t believe they got Microsoft to include Master Chief in this one. The gameplay for this game looks insane. And it’s a New 3DS only game! I think this will really boost the system up. I’m so excited to play this game. I hear Nintendo will be releasing a demo for the game next week! Are you ready?!

This is without a doubt the year of the 3DS. There are just so many titles coming to the system and I couldn’t cover everything. I know I forgot to mention Pokemon, Dragon Quest 7 and 8, Disney Magical Castle 2, and the new Mario Party. I’m sure there will be a lot of people miffed at me for leaving those great games off this list. It would just be impossible to cover all the games coming to the 3DS…

So which game are you looking forward to on the 3DS? I still think Uncharted 4 might win game of the year! Or God of War?! Though, Dragon Quest Builders look like a strong contender. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Next week: A Look At Dragon Quest. When did I first play the series, whats my favorite game in the series, and why I’m looking forward to Dragon Quest 7!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Wait. I forgot to talk about Ratchet & Clank: Mario Edition! sigh


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