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Stock Up On Items! Circle Entertainment Brings Kingdom Item Shop To 3DS Next Week

Circle Entertainment brought a strategy rpg called Ambition of the Slimes to the 3DS eshop today. The game looks very impressive. If you think Circle is going to take a break now, you are dead wrong! Circle confirmed on twitter today that they will be bringing a different type of game to the 3DS next week. The game is called Kingdom Item Shop! We have the release date, a trailer, and my thoughts on the game below.


Kingdom Item Shop will be coming to the 3DS eshop on August 18th. Circle Entertainment is publishing the game. Kingdom Item Shop is a simulation game where you run a kingdom’s item shop! You’ll decide the look of the shop and what items go in the shop by collecting items and making them too. Will you have the best item shop in the kingdom?!

Check out this footage of the game:

Kingdom Item Shop looks neat, especially the part where you send troops off to get items and the part where you create items too. I don’t think the game looks as good as Ambition of the Slimes (which came out today), but I still think it looks pretty interesting. Of course, those two games are radically different with potentially two radically different audiences. There is a hint of rpg gameplay in both games though! I do like that Circle Entertainment puts out so many different types of games. They are definitly one of the 3DS eshops best publishers. If you haven’t played their games Mercenaries Saga 2 and Fairune, you should definitly give them a download as soon as possible. They are both excellent games, especially Mercenaries Saga 2! Kingdom Item Shop looks like it’ll be a very interesting addition to their 3DS lineup.

What do you think of Kingdom Item Shop? Will you download it? Have you played any of Circles other games? If so, which is your favorite game?


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