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More Thoughts From Me: Hello Xbox Series S

If you’ve been reading my columns and/or you know me, then you know that I’m a huge Nintendo fan. You may even know that I like Playstation. You may or may realize that I’ve always liked Xbox too. Its just been awhile since I had one of the systems (360 was the last one). And now…I have an Xbox Series S! Here are my thoughts on the system so far.


Yesterday, I got an Xbox Series S! Shocking right? I am now the owner of a Switch, PS4, and Xbox Series S.

Its been awhile since I had an Xbox system. The 360 was the last one. I didn’t have the Xbox One. And so I’m still getting use to the Xbox Series S’s menu but gameplay wise I’m loving it.

I got Game Pass Ultimate of course. With the Xbox Series S, you pretty much have to. There are no discs with this system, its all download only. So I knew I had to have Game Pass. And I’m so glad I got it. The number of games is amazing. I’ve only downloaded three games so far. I can’t wait to download more!

So what games did I download? I got Bejeweled 2, Psychonauts 2, and Tunic.

I have always liked Bejeweled and I knew it would be a quick download too. It was so quick. Wow. I got that game fast and played it a little. Its still good.


Psychonauts 2 took a little bit longer to download but it was so worth it. The graphics look great. It reminds me of the first game a lot, just with even better graphics. The humor, gameplay, and story are very good. I have been wanting to play this game for awhile now. I’m so happy to finally be jumping into Psychonauts 2! Looking forward to playing more of it.

Then there’s Tunic. Wow. I had seen the previews of this and thought it looked good. I wasn’t prepared though. The graphics are really nice and the gameplay is perfect. I like how the game lets you wander around finding your own way. Its also cool that you find pieces of the game’s manual along the way to get more clues as to what you should be doing. Tunic looks like its going to be an addictive game.

There are so many more games I want to check out on Game Pass. This was just my first day with the console. I’m sure the more I play around with it, the more I’ll get use to the menus, controls, and find more games I love. Its so amazing to have a Switch, PS4, and Xbox Series S in the house. I’m very happy. You can expect more articles from me about Xbox games very soon!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Sooner or later, I have to try out Halo Infinite and Sea of Thieves!


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