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More Thoughts From Me E3 Special Edition: Xbox and Bethesda Bring It

The Xbox/Bethesda event was today and…well, actually it was really really good! Let’s talk about it!


I had high hopes going into the Xbox/Bethesda event and guess what? They mostly delivered!

I say mostly because I didn’t feel like there was anything too surprising during the event and they did make one misstep, which I will talk about later, but otherwise…

The event started with Starfield. It was just a CGI trailer with no gameplay but it looked amazing. I loved it. I wanted to play it.

Then Stalker 2 was shown and I did not care. And quickly we got a bunch of other games. Xbox did not slow down much for a long time.

We just kept getting game trailers one after another. It was so impressive. Like Adam Roffel said, this is the kind of thing that Nintendo does well. Microsoft pulled it off mostly.

I especially loved the Psychonauts 2, Sea of Thieves Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, and Battlefield footage!


Xbox did slow down for Halo Infinite just a tiny bit. But that game was so cool looking that it didn’t matter. Free-to-play multiplayer and the story campaign is coming this year. Big win for Xbox for sure!

But later in the show there was a misstep. The pace of the event slowed down to a crawl when the new Forza was shown off. They had to over explain the game. Yes, yes, the game looked great. But c’mon. Its a racing game. We’ve seen a million of ’em. Just show the game and move on. The fans are hyped enough!

That said, Xbox quickly recovered by showing off Bethesda’s upcoming exclusive Redfall. It was just a CGI trailer but it was pretty cool. If the gameplay lives up to that, it’ll be a fun game.

Fable was mentioned briefly but no big reveal for it. And there was nothing too shocking about the event.

Overall though, I was really impressed by Xbox’s presentation. I still like the Wholesome Direct a little bit more, but you know, those are my type of games. Still. Excellent job Xbox/Bethesda. A thousand times better than Ubisoft!

For more thoughts from Me on the event (and from Adam and Mat), check out #GamesReviewsE3 with the #XboxBethesda hashtag on twitter!

Will Xbox win E3? Hmmm.

Square Enix is up next! At 2:15pm!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Starfield!!


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