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More Thoughts From Me E3 Special Edition: Absolutely Wholesome

Okay I was going to wait until tomorrow for the Xbox/Bethesda and Square Enix events to write more columns, but…I really need to talk about the Wholesome Direct. We just have to talk about the best E3 event so far! In case you missed it, you can check it out in the video below.

Some of you may have missed the best E3 2021 event so far. It was not Summer Game Fest or Ubisoft Forward…no. It was…


For those who don’t know, the Wholesome Direct is about indie games. It is specifically about wholesome, cozy, wonderful games. Think Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley like indies. These are games that anybody can play. From simulation games to adventure games to puzzle games, Wholesome Direct had it all.

And there was so many wonderful games. It was jaw dropping. The titles came quickly too. I live tweeted about the games. I tried to talk about as many as I could. Go to twitter and look for #GamesReviewsE3 and #WholesomeDirect to see what I said.

I do want to highlight a few games quickly though:

-Witchery Academy is a game where you play as a Magician at a Magic school. Its a very three dimensional game with pretty good graphics. There is farming, catching bugs, learning magic, and exploration too. I love these types of games! It will be on the Switch. Yesss.

-Snacko is another Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon type of game but its characters look they are out of Paper Mario. I really love the graphics and the gameplay looks good.

-Behind the Frame was shown off during all the Indie events so far. That game won’t leave me alone. It looks nice!

-Rainbow Billy is like a cartoon but someone took away all the colors and you have to bring everything back to life. Wow.

-Bear and Breakfast is a simulation game where you play as a Bear thats just trying to run his Inn in peace. Looks fun.

And there was so many other games. Ohmygosh. The Wholesome Direct was amazing! GO WATCH IT.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine. I can’t wait to see what Xbox is up to tomorrow.


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